Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau de Toilette

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New for 2017, Elizabeth Arden White Tea is inspired by the simple pleasure that accompanies the first sip of tea. Exquisitely uncomplicated, this new fragrance invites you to revel in the moment. A musky-woody floral, it preludes with sparkling Italian Mandarin and sensual Sea Breeze Accord.

Perfumers and co-creators Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Guillaume Flavigny and Caroline Sabas were inspired by the blissful moment of solace experienced by the first sip of tea. “We wanted to capture that refreshing moment of blissful solace experienced at the first sip of tea. White Tea Vapors and Sea Breeze Accord develop into the sweet smell of White Iris before finishing with the warm wood scent of Madras Wood, Tonka Bean and a delicately blended trio of musks.” 

It’s Zen-like heart of White Tea extract, Turkish Rose Absolute and Mate Absolute Paraguay transports you to a place of luxurious indulgence, while lingering notes of Madras Wood, Ambrette Seed Absolute and a trio of Tranquility Musks leads to an unforgettable finale.

The scent opens with a burst of citrus then the rose accord appears and finally the musk kicks in and everything softens. White Tea is an elegant, feminine fragrance that is crisp and clean and the dry down is warm without losing any freshness or smelling powdery. This is a scent that has to develop with a bit of time, don’t expect to get the full effect for about an hour. For me, it evokes images of the Meditteranean coast with those beautiful turquoise beaches. It is very easy to wear and has good lasting power with a slight sillage. There is a lot to like in White Tea though I do think it lends itself to warmer weather because it is so light and fresh. I tend to wear deeper, spicier fragrances in the fall and winter. That said, I do really like it and know lots of women will fall for this modern, classy scent.

The White Tea bottle is quite simple with a square white top graduating downward to clear in a reverse ombre. A bonus is that White Tea is SO affordable! The 3.3 fl. oz bottle is only $49 which is remarkable for a good fragrance. It is an EDT as opposed to a perfume but still, I typically pay upwards of $100 for my fragrance so it’s still a GREAT value!

Products available in White Tea:

  • 1.0 fl.Oz EDT $24.00
  • 1.7 fl. Oz EDT $37.00
  • 3.3 fl. Oz EDT $49.00
  • White Tea Bath & Body Set $40
  • White Tea Pure Indulgence Body Cream $25
  • White Tea Pure Indulgence Bath and Shower Gel $22
  • White Tea Cream Deodorant $12
  • White Tea Candle $30
  • White Tea Hand Cream $9.50

How would you like to try White Tea for yourself? Elizabeth Arden was kind enough to send me two 1.0 fl. Oz bottles so I have one to giveaway! To enter to win, leave me a comment telling me your favorite fragrance notes an complete the mandatory tasks on the widget. This giveaway is open to US residents over age 18. To gain additional entries, complete the optional tasks on the Rafflecopter widget. Not responsible for loss or damage in shipping. Good luck!

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  1. My mom was always a fan of Elizabeth Arden perfumes. This one sounds really nice. I would love to try it out.

  2. I’m a fan of Elizabeth Arden products. Haven’t tried this one yet, but it sounds wonderful!

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Certainly affordable. I need to take a sniff!

  4. Kristi McAllister says

    Really, really affordable, actually! My favorite perfume by Aramis was New West and I can’t find it anymore because it was discontinued years ago. I have found it on ebay, but it’s so rare that people are charging between $399 and $1000 for it! Crazy! I need to try to find something I love just as much because I love fresh, floral notes. Thanks for recommending it!

  5. Don’t know about favorite fragrance notes there are so many. I guess I lean toward vanilla but them again I have had samples that I never though I would like and I love them. Received a sample of BLACKPEPPER and I love it.

  6. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I am a huge Elizabeth Ardon fan. I only wear her Red Door it’s very expensive but you only need a little for the whole day. I would love to try this fragrance of hers.

  7. I really love White tea notes and citrus notes!

  8. I tend to favor vanilla scents!

  9. This fragrance sounds lovely. I really like elizabeth arden in general so I will have to check this out!

  10. I have actually smelled this and it is lovely. Not too much but is light and fresh. It is a perfect afternoon scent.

  11. I love vanilla scents.

  12. I’d like to smell this actually. You did a great job of explaining it.

  13. My mum has always been a fan of Elizabeth Arden fragrances, I’ll be sure to mention this one to her, I think she’d like it!

  14. Elizabeth Arden has some really wonderful smelling perfumes. This one sounds like a true winner, and just in time for Christmas.

  15. I’ve always liked their scents especially the Green Tea one. That’s my favorite to be honest. I would love to get a whiff of this one, it sounds like it smells amazing!

  16. Dana Rodriguez says

    This sounds nice! Great review! I love light scents.

  17. Melissa Chapman says

    I love scents with a hint of citrus, it is such a fresh smell. I will keep this White Tea in mind as presents for the season.

  18. Cara Harbstreet says

    This sounds like such a refreshing scent! And I love the price point too, I’m not one to spend much on beauty products or fragrance but that’s not bad at all!

  19. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says

    This sounds like a wonderful scent. I don’t think I’ve ever had any Elizabeth Arden products before, but would love to try!

  20. I’m always looking for the next favorite fragrance. Definitely entered your giveaway. I hope I win!

  21. Sounds divine! Can’t enter giveaway as I’m Canadian but I’ll definitely be picking up a bottle! Thanks for the post.

  22. Diane Therkildsen says

    I love light scents.

  23. shannon fowler says

    I tend to lean towards spicier notes for most occasions, but in the summer i like citrus notes.

  24. I definately love anything vanilla and sweet scents!

  25. Sarah Mathias says

    I love light and flowery scents.

  26. Debbie Yoder says

    I like that its light and fresh and I like the musk note!

  27. jerseygirl137 says

    I like musk and Mandarin notes in the winter and mandarin and freesia notes in the summer.

  28. Velder Dixon says

    Love chanel 7

  29. Eg Kaufman says

    I like Plumeria scents.

  30. Angelica Cassandra Dimeo says

    I love anything with Orange Blossom in it

  31. Annette Fisher says

    I always like Vanilla notes.

  32. My mother-in-law loves Elizabeth Arden perfume but I don’t think she has tried this scent before. I will have to get her a bottle.

  33. karenboblett says

    Please put a link on your Instagram account so I can follow it. Thanks.

  34. I really like this scent and think it would make an excellent holiday gift or stocking stuffer!

  35. Onyinye Elochukwu says

    I love the citrus smell and vanilla scents.

  36. adapperchick says

    Sounds like it smells incredible, and would make a great holiday gift. It’s nice that you’re doing the giveaway.

  37. Janet OBrien says

    I really like ylang ylang note

  38. Kim croisant says

    Elizabeth Arden is a well-known name that I grew up knowing about. My mom would wear her perfume daily. White Tea to me sounds like it would be full of nature smells. I bet lots of women love the scent.

  39. Their green tea perfume was my first “grown up” fragrance that I got at a department store. Good memories!

  40. Deborah Caudill says

    My favorite fragrance notes are Tuberose, Musk, Vanilla, Grapefruit, Orchid, Bergamot and Pepper.

  41. I like floral and citrus scents! This Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau De Toilette sounds wonderful! I’d love to try it 🙂 Thanks for this chance!

  42. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    I like clean, crisp notes such as citrus and fruits…

  43. I love floral notes!

  44. Patti Lambert says

    I love florals, but I also love anything with a freshness

  45. I love all floral notes, slightly woodsy and clean. I love a variety, obviously, lol. This sounds great. Seems like something I would definitely love!

  46. Kayla Klontz says

    I absolutely love floral notes.

  47. Holly Thomas says

    Floral or woodsy, depending on my mood.

  48. Tina Renee Barker says

    I like granny smith apple, cedarwood, white rose, citrus, bergamot, amber, etc.

  49. I like earthy musky scents like patchouli, bergamot but I also like clean, fresh notes like green tea.

  50. Susan Pertierra says

    I like floral notes like lily of the valley and gardenia.

  51. Heather ツ says

    Ugh. I put my instagram name where the pinterest name should have been. I am following on both however.

    I love Jasmine and Amber

  52. marcicornelius says


  53. Don’t have a fave love all especially warm and anything with vanilla

  54. astaraellas says

    anis and clove and lilac (but not necessarily all together!)

  55. I don’t have a favorite. I usually don’t like anything floral, more of a musk girl.

  56. I like a little floral, with citrus sometimes and woody notes.
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

  57. Paol Trenny says

    I like cedarwood, white rose, citrus, bergamot, lavender and vanilla.

  58. Love the citrus notes and musk, lavender

  59. Michelle Castagne says

    I like bergmot and rose notes.

  60. katherine tino says

    Actually, I really like white tea. I, also like citrus, vanilla & musk notes.

  61. I like jasmine note

  62. Annamarie Voss says

    I love lavender scent and patchuli oil

  63. I like rose and jasmine notes

  64. Lyndsey R. says

    Violet Leaves, Jasmine, White Woods.

  65. I like floral, citrus, herbal and pine notes.

  66. Floral and citrus

  67. Jessica S Whitehouse says

    I like fruity and spicy scents.

  68. EdyeNicolesMakeup says

    I love sweet scents!


  69. I love citrus scents.

  70. I like the floral notes, especially anything with gardenia.

  71. My favorite notes in a fragrance lean towards the earthy scents

  72. Diana Penn says

    anything fruity

  73. Shannon Evans says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway

  74. Love your beauty tips!

    Please continue to feature organic brands!

  75. Michelle DiFlorio Coles says

    I really like fruity or sweeter scents the best.

  76. Christine Lewis says

    I like citrus scents

  77. Annmarie Weeks says

    I love orange and other citrus notes. And light florals.

  78. Jamie Williams says

    I like berries, citrus and lavender

  79. I love spicy pepper notes

  80. Laurie Nykaza says

    My favorite notes in a fragrance are earthy scents

  81. I like different notes for different seasons. I love orientals and spicy scents.

  82. Diana Cote says

    citrus and grassy notes are my favorite.

  83. I enjoy Earth scents and some floral scents.

  84. I like floral scents

  85. Jennifer Herman says

    I like sandalwood.

  86. John Herman says

    I like fresh scents.


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