Fall beauty winners from Sorme’

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Sorme eye products

I’m all set for fall and my Thanksgiving eyes with this Sorme’ haul that they kindly sent me. I love how far mass market cosmetics have come and Sorme’ is a great example of this. Everything I’ve tried from them has been great quality and has great prices to boot. The Galicia palette is so beautifully pigmented and a great addition to my fall and winter choices.

I’m particularly in love with the dual purpose Precision Duo Liquid Eyeliner. This is the liner that you need if your hand isn’t steady. One side is the eyeliner (comes in black or brown) and the other is a fabulous corrector.

Sorme’ Precision Duo Liquid Eyeliner
Sorme’ Precision Duo Liquid Eyeliner

Excuse my bruised hand but I drew on a line of the eyeliner and then used the corrector side, swiping once, to show you how it works.

Sorme’ Precision Duo Liquid Eyeliner, the middle is how the corrector works

Any mistakes you make can easily be corrected with the corrector side so when we make an oops, it can be easily remedied. I love it!! And the liquid eyeliner is a great one that’s easy to use. I have trouble making a wing but this aides me since it helps me easily correct the mistakes.

With my allergies I’m really enjoying their Waterproof Smearproof Eyeliner Pencil. It glides on and lasts! I sneeze a lot and this actually stays. Plus it comes in a wide variety of colors.

Sorme’ W/P Smearproof Eyeliner Pencils
Sorme’ W/P Smearproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black

Sorme’ also has a variety of mascaras. I’m using BOMBSHELL NYM Mascara: Bombshell is clump free, thick and defined, voluminous lashes – A full volume, eye catching mascara with unique tree shaped, dual sided brush. Gaps on one side of the brush transfer more bulk onto the lashes. Dense bristles on the other side separate and define lashes.”

Sorme’ NYM Mascara in Bombshell

This gives me good volume and definition plus it holds my curl and lasts all day. I’ve been sneezing like crazy and there’s never any smudging. It’s as fresh when I go to remove it at night as it is when I first apply.

I also have their FEATHERFUL MECHANICAL BROW PENCIL but sadly for me I was sent it in Auburn so it’s too light for me. When I order from Sorme’ though I’d like to try it in Brown so it will show up better.

Sorme’ Galicia Essential Eye Shadow palette

The highlight of these eye products is their Galicia Essential palette with highlighters and eyeshadows. Actually all 6 shades work well as eyeshadows especially since I like a little shimmer in shadows. There’s a highlighting illuminizer and a soft bronzing one. The eyeshadows are all warm matte browns that blend well together. They are soft to the touch but I don’t get fallout from them.

Sorme’ Galicia Essential Eye Shadow palette

“Hydrating formula enhanced with vitamin D and naturally reflective minerals that also reduce the harmful UV ray exposure.” The palette is gluten free, paraben free and cruelty free.

There are some CVS stores that carry this line but I haven’t found them. I will though watch for sales (they recently had one) so I can buy the liquid eyeliner in more shades as well as the waterproof eyeliner pencil. Sorme’ is a line you’ll enjoy at prices you’ll enjoy more!

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