Fall is Here with Thymes Wildwood Bitter Orange and Cedar Collection!

Fall is the most beautiful time of year here in the Pacific Northwest.  The sky is deep blue, the burning bushes glow bright red, the leaves are green, yellow and orange, the nights are cool and the days are warm. In a few more weeks it will be time for sweaters and boots.

One of the things I’m most proud of about my home is that all my friends and neighbors tell me my home always smells wonderful. I make sure of this, by using diffusers, candles,room sprays and the like. I recently had the chance to sample the Thymes Bitter Orange and Cedar Collection. I was sent the Thymes Bitter Orange and Cedar Candle and even sniffing it before it was lit made me want to go up to the loft (aka my cocoon) jump in my snuggie with a cup of hot apple cider and read a good book.

If you are like me and love the comforting scent of crisp orange with a hint of spices and lingering cedar, you will NOT be disappointed in the Thymes Bitter Orange and Cedar Collection! The Home Fragrance Mist is equally pungent but there is just something about a burning candle that screams fall to me and gives me such a sense of relaxation and well being.

From now until October 15th, Thymes is offering the opportunity to bring the captivating charm of the forest to your home with the Thymes Wildwood Collection. Join Thymes on Pinterest on a “Fall Scavenger Hunt” for the chance to win the entire Wildwood Bitter Orange & Cedar Collection!

How to Enter:

•       Create a Pinterest board called “Thymes Fall Scavenger Hunt

•       Pin pictures to the board that represent the things in the “Pin This” list below

•       You must use the number and description from the “Pin This” list in your description of your pin

What to Pin:

1.       Something you crave in the Fall

2.       A favorite Fall accessory or fashion trend

3.       Something that shows how an Autumn day makes you feel

4.       A favorite Fall activity

5.       A decorative Fall home decor accent

6.       A fragrance note that makes you think of the change in seasons

7.       Something nostalgic

8.       A place to visit in the Fall

9.       A fun Fall craft

10.     A Thymes Bitter Orange & Cedar product you’d like to try

The Prize:

The Grand Prize Winner will receive one of each product in the Thymes Bitter Orange & Cedar Collection. Plus, 5 runners-up will be randomly drawn to win the Bitter Orange & Cedar product they pinned!

Get to pinning beauties, you will love adore these products!!

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