FarmHouse Fresh Pudding Apeel Straight From the Dessert Tray!

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I have a real sweet tooth and love chocolate, cookies, candy, ice cream, and PUDDING! The problem is sweets go straight to my backside plus cause breakouts. Thank you FarmHouse Fresh Pudding Apeel ($22) for letting me get indulge my sweet tooth without the weight gain and pimples! Pudding Apeel is a resurfacing mask made with tapioca, brown rice,  honey, coconut milk, soothing green tea and honeysuckle extracts. Sounds more like a recipe than a skincare treatment! Make no mistake though, it also has glycolic and hydroxy acids along with various fruit extracts to provide gentle exfoliation to slough away dead skin cells and reveal fresher, brighter skin!

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What these ingredients do:

  • Brown rice micro-grains helps exfoliate
  • Lemon, orange and apple extracts provide alpha hydroxy acids to resurface skin
  • Glycolic acid which helps with exfoliation and cell turnover
  • Green tea & Honeysuckle flower extract which contain potent antioxidants
  • Allantion to reduce inflammation
  • Tapioca for a silky finish to skin
  • Honey, a natural humectant that conditions skin
  • Coconut Milk for moisturization
  • 97% natural!

Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy acids are superstar natural exfoliants for over 40 skin. I’m sure you’re sick of me preaching exfoliation by now, but hey, it works on over 40 skin! These natural acids help brighten skin instantly and we all love instant gratification, am I right?

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Gentle enough to use everyday, Pudding Apeel helps support skin cell turnover revealing younger looking skin. It has a light creamy texture with a natural sweet-ish smell. Just apply a thin layer, leave on for 3 to 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. You’ll feel a slight tingle that let’s you know it working.

My skin felt a little tighter, softer and had a great glow! The more you use the mask the better the results. FarmHouse Pudding Apeel also helps sun-damaged and aging skin making it ideal for us over 40 ladies!

Do you use facial masks regularly?

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I still haven’t had a chance to try Farmhouse products but they sound like heaven. I love masks!

  2. I find this relaxing because of the ingredients. Without a doubt this will definitely be gentle to our skin! I would love to give this a try!!!

  3. This sounds wonderful. I love masks like this. I haven’t tried this brand, yet.

  4. I love when my skin looks glowy after taking a mask off!

  5. I’ve never seen this brand before, but I found interesting. I’m going to try this.

  6. What I love about this, beside the yumminess, is that I can put it on a few minutes before I get in the shower. It’s wonderful for a quickie!

  7. I love masks, and this sounds sounds delicious. I haven’t tried FHF yet, but I don’t know how you guys keep yourselves from tasting their products. They all sound so yummy.

  8. Karlyn Flores says

    This is absolutely sounds a good . I really love mask on my face

  9. This sounds wonderful!

  10. I totally want to grab a spoon and eat it… >_>

  11. Deals4Dummies says

    This sounds awesome! I love stuff like this that puts a totally new spin on our beauty routine.

  12. Natalie Peters says

    This product sounds heavenly! I love the entire list of ingredients. And yes, I could totally go for some instant gratification. LOL!!

  13. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Ohh this sounds amazing! I still haven’t tried this brand! Off to look at their site now!

  14. MyTeenGuide says

    This sounds like a great product. all the ingredients are awesome. I would love to try this.

  15. i really want to try this!!

  16. A must try. Seems like a good product and safe for all skin types.

  17. this is new to me! im obsessed with things like about skin

  18. Eileen Mendoza Loya says

    First time I have heard about this product. I love that it has a sweet scent. We do need to take care of our skin to keep it supple and glowing.

  19. I like to use a mask at least once a week. Usually on the weekends to relax.

  20. WhispersInspire says

    This looks good! Going to pick this up!

  21. polarbelle says

    it sounds good. I’m eating mms right now, so I know I’m the target audience.