Fashion Flash Beauty and a Book Giveaway: Win a $50 Ulta Gift Card!

I know Valentine’s Day has past, but the fabulous giveaways from Fashion Flash haven’t! I’m pleased to share another fun #beautyandabook giveaway courtesy of the Fashion Flash Group! I’m giving away the romance novel To Woo A Wicked Widow by Jenna Jaxon (the first novel in the Widows Club series) AND a $50 Gift Card to Ulta Beauty!


Here’s a little backgound on the book….

The war years are behind them. 
The future is before them.
And one by one, the widows of Lyttlefield Park are getting restless . . .

Lady Charlotte Cavendish is still the spirited girl who tried to elope in the name of love. That dream was thwarted by her father who trapped her into a loveless, passionless marriage. But now widowed, Charlotte is free to reenter the giddy world of the ton—and pursue her desires. For hardly your typical widow, she remains innocent to the pleasures of the flesh. Yet her life is finally her own, and she intends to keep it that way . . .

Nash, the twelfth Earl of Wrotham, is beguiled by Charlotte at first sight—and the feeling is mutual. When he receives her intriguing invitation to a house party, the marriage-minded lord plans to further their acquaintance. But even he cannot sway her aversion to matrimony, and only with great restraint does he resist her most tempting offer. For unbeknownst to Charlotte, the misadventures of the past are revisiting them both, and bedding her could cost him everything—or give him everything he ever wanted.

About Jenna Jaxon

Jenna Jaxon is a multi-published author of historical and contemporary romance. She has just finished her fifth full length novel, To Woo A Wicked Widow, set in Regency England and the first book in her five part series, The Widow’s Club.

Don’t forget the $50 Ulta Beauty Gift Card!

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How to Enter and Rules:

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  1. lipstick/lip gloss

  2. Stephanie Jones says

    lip gloss

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    I love lip products!

  4. Annamarie Voss says

    The one thing I need to have is a good foundation.

  5. Liquid lipstick is my current obsession.

  6. I am a sucker for a great gel eye liner

  7. Susan Pertierra says

    I like to try out blush, bronzer and highlighters to get better at contouring.

  8. I like lipgloss the best.

  9. Colleen Boudreau says

    Eyeshadow palettes & highlighters!

  10. jerseygirl137 says

    I love trying new eyeliners and mascara.

  11. Now that looks like a real bodice ripper, wow! And $50 gc, how can you go wrong?!

  12. disqus_mF7OViGzZH says

    Eyeliner and lip products are my most purchased and favorite makeup since I was 12 lol I still can’t get enough!

  13. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna says

    I enjoy purchasing and wearing foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and blush.

  14. shellypeterson says

    I like to purchase foundation an eyeshadow

  15. I’m always looking for good books to read. I will check this one out soon. Thanks for sharing!

  16. great giveaway!

  17. Rebecca Weiss says

    I like the mineral makeup foundation and powder from Ulta! I also like their large selection of nail polishes!

  18. I enjoy buying different types of mascara to lengthen & strengthen my lashes.

  19. 1alwaysnyc1 says

    I’m a mascara and eyeliner fiend. Drugstore makeup has come such a long way so I’m always picking up a new one to try. Having said that, I also love to try new foundations.

  20. I love these giveaways. My two passions are reading and cosmetics so this is everything!

  21. I enjoy buying all makeup, but I love buying lipstick. I just purchased a new brand (for me) glossier in a soft pink.

  22. I love to buy lipsticks and foundation!

  23. I like lip gloss or lipstick. I love when it has a moisturizing agent.

  24. Raine Dawson says

    I love lipsticks. Reds to crazy shares in matte to gloss. I also love balms and stains. I’m a lippie addict.

  25. I love lipsticks. There are so many different types and shades and brands.

  26. James Robert says

    I am a dad having 3 of my 4 girls wearing makeup now. I’d have to say the foundation for good coverage and especially covering acne is most important to them.

  27. Jeanna Schirm Massman says

    I love trying different shades of lipstick.

  28. Paula (lilpeej) says

    I love ALL the makeup. But I think my ‘least’ favorite to buy is foundation because even with help, I am never quite content with the shade or the coverage.

  29. I don’t wear makeup but my wife does Lancome products

  30. I like concealer for the eyes mostly all i wear

  31. I love purchasing fun lipsticks

  32. UD Vice lipsticks are my all-time favorite bullet formula. I also love the Lime Crime plushies, which are sheer and comfortable to wear. And Black Moon Cosmetics makes AMAZING liquid lipsticks.

  33. Alicia Reynolds says

    I can’t do without tarte Amazonian clay foundation, and IT cosmetics Superhero mascara.

  34. Will Griesmer says

    I don’t wear makeup … would give the GC to my wife 🙂

  35. Antoinette M says

    I like to buy lipstick/gloss. .. so many shades and types!

  36. Kim Villasenor says

    If I could only buy from one company I would pick It Cosmetics! Love their CC cream and lip glosses!

  37. I love trying different shades of lipstick

  38. I love to buy all make up! I do love to buy lipgloss and blush!

  39. I love buying and trying different eyeshadow palettes!

  40. Mascara is my favorite> I like to buy and try new ones all the time.

  41. I love trying a variety of different brands & colors of lipstick.

  42. I love to buy lipstick the most.

  43. Tracey Moore says

    Eyeshadow – I love to switch it up!

  44. Rachel McDaniel D'Arensbourg says

    I love mascara!

  45. Kelly Heitz says


  46. Jenny Scheldberg says

    I’m forever lookong for the best lip gloss and mascara.

  47. Debbie Yoder says

    Mascara all the way!

  48. teresa koedyker says

    Love lip glosses and eye shadow palettes!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  49. shannon fowler says

    I love eye shadow palettes. I also really love the palettes that have blush, lipstick, mascara, etc. I’ve gotten some great ones around christmas each year.

  50. Kristine Shelton says

    I don’t wear any make up, but my daughter does! Mostly mascara.

  51. Jennylyn Gross says

    I love lipstick

  52. Jared Ruman says

    Eyeshadow for sure!

  53. I love ALL makeup, but eyeshadow is my absolute favourite!
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! =)

  54. Patricia C Henry says

    I mostly wear lip gloss, but when I’m being fancy I go all out!

  55. Patricia C Henry says

    I mostly wear lip gloss, but when I’m being fancy I go all out!

  56. My favorite is eyeshadows! So many beautiful colors to play around with!

  57. I love eye makeup! Mostly eyeshadow and mascara!

  58. usnamom2014 says

    I love lipstick

  59. I love buying and wearing lipstick!

  60. Kristyn Martin says

    Mascara is my favorite!

  61. I can’t go without eyeliner!

  62. My go to is mascara because I use it almost every day

  63. Paula Pennachio says

    My favorites are foundation, blush, anti wrinkle, eyeshadow, mascara, eye liner

  64. Lipstick

  65. My favorite to buy are lipsticks, and my favorite to wear are emollient creams!

  66. My favorite are peachy toned blushes and highlighters!

  67. I like makeup that is a cream with a powdery finish (such as Clinique)
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  68. Lauren Peterson says

    I like concealer and mascara.

  69. I seem to have an endless amount of lipsticks – so yeah, lipsticks!

  70. I Ilike I lipsticks the most.

  71. Stacey Roberson says

    I love try try different eyeshadow palettes.

  72. Daryl Devore says

    Jenna’s books are fabulous. Tweeted.

  73. Sarah Vegeta says

    I love Eye shadow! It is such an amazing way to express your self, your style, even your mood!

  74. all_the_words025 says

    What a great combo for a giveaway!

  75. I love shopping for lipsticks bc it is fun to play with the different shades.

  76. I love buying different shades of eye shadows the most!

  77. Karen Smith says

    I love blush. Just finding the right shade and texture

  78. I am in the mood for a new spring lippie! And a fun read.

  79. Nancy Rexroad says

    I would love a blush & a book !

  80. Marie Bride says

    I love having an opportunity to win!
    And after Valentine’s can be even more fun!

    Thank You!
    Reading is so heavenly!

  81. Marie Bride says

    I love having an opportunity to win!
    And after Valentine’s can be even more fun!

    Thank You!
    Reading is so heavenly!

  82. sandy weinstein says

    i wear mineral powder make up by jane iredale and another company, i use cover up cream, a little blush, natural eye shadow for everyday and a little green on special occasions along with eye liner on the bottom and corners, mascara. on special occasions i wear more intense colors.

  83. I love buying eye makeup – mascara and playing around with different colors of eye shadow.

  84. Holly Thomas says

    I love shopping for eye shadow.

  85. I wear IT Cosmetics.

  86. ToniAnn Sprouse says

    I can’t leave the house without an eyebrow’s the single most important tool in my makeup arsenal. It prevents me from looking like a recently landed-on-earth shell-shocked alien. Doesn’t even matter the brand, as long as it provides the hint of color I need to avoid appearing browless with these sparse blonde hairs I was blessed (or cursed) with!

  87. Mascara and lip gloss are a must for everyday

  88. greentopiaries says

    I love, love, love shopping for all different kinds of mascara. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  89. I have love buying eye shadow from Ulta.

  90. Christina Almond says

    I love a really good coverage foundation that looks natural!

  91. Nicole Martin says

    I cannot live without mascara!

  92. I love mascara & lipstain.

  93. michelle garrity says

    I always have mascara on

  94. jalapenomama says

    I enjoy buying eye shadow – fun to experiment with different shades.
    thank you

  95. I love to buy and wear lipstick.

  96. Alison King says

    My favorites are mascara and eyeliner. I like playing up my eyes.

  97. Eyeshadow is my favorite. Thanks for the chance.

  98. Diane M Gooding says


  99. Cynthia Whipple says


  100. Mascara is life. The only make up is probably be sad about if I was out.

  101. My favorite type of makeup to wear is a lighter foundation, specifically a BB or CC cream.

  102. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    My favorite product to buy is lipsticks. It has been my fave for years. Second would be foundation.

  103. mascara and bb cream are my favorite.

  104. Allison Swain says

    I usually love to just wear Tarte mascara. Or some of Tarte eyeshadow.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. I like Dior airbrush make up foundation and blush, eye shadow, eyeliner the whole nine yards ha

  106. My fav makeup is mineral powders. It’s nice and light. Thanks!

  107. Vickie Gallo says

    I am all about convenience but never leave the house without my make-up especially lipstick on. The long lasting kind!

  108. Sharon Schoepe says

    Mascara is my favorite.

  109. It always changes, but at the moment, I’d have to say lipstick!

  110. Jennifer Blank says

    Shimmery pearl illuminator

  111. Jennifer Blank says

    Shimmery pearl illuminator

  112. Karley Moore says

    I get really excited when I find a good foundation that is the perfect color and coverage.

  113. lauriedamrose says

    I love all eye makeup.I love experimenting with the colors and liners.

  114. I like buying different kids of mascaras Rosanne

  115. I really enjoy eyeshadows and lip color is a very close second. It is fun to experiment with different shades.

  116. My favorite kind of makeup to wear and buy are lippies. I love me a good lip product whether it’s a balm or a liquid lipstick.

  117. paigechandler says

    I am always on the search for the perfect foundation.

  118. I just love eye makeup. The sparklier the better!

  119. Lydia Goodman says

    I love all the new amazing eyeshadow pallets

  120. Debra Branigan says

    I love the eyeshadow pallets they have these days!

  121. Victoria Scott says

    Eyeshadow pallets and eye liners for sure!

  122. Louisa Fae Dent says

    Eyeshadows for sure

  123. My favorite makeup to buy is highlighters.

  124. Athena Graeme says

    My favorite is lip gloss/chapstick. It’s like the perfect make-up. It actually makes your skin better for wearing it, it goes with everything, I don’t mind my little daughter snagging it and it can taste delicious!

  125. I like to buy tarte cosmetics.

  126. Darlene Owen says

    My favorite is moistures and lip gloss

  127. Sharon Marks says

    I use Blistex on my lips. Their products make my lips so soft. When they start chopping I just use it several times a day for a few days and that usual clears it up.

  128. Robin Abrams says

    Eyeliner is my favorite makeup must buy

  129. Mascara is a must for me and I also love to wear blush and lipstick.
    Carole Burant

  130. Connie Kline Fischer says

    I love Maybelline foundation and loose power. I like Loreal blush. Rimmel mascara has always been a favorite. NYX lip gloss is wonderful. The colors are so pretty and it doesn’t dry out my lips. As you see, I like a range of brands. It gives all of them some business.

    I am been eagerly waiting to read and review TO WOO A WICKED WIDOW. I have read and reviewed many of your books and love them all.

    Thanks so much for this fun, generous, and girly giveaway!

  131. lavender 🐱🎂 says

    Concealer, Eyebrows, Eye liner, & Lipbalm.

  132. Julie Waldron says

    I love eyeshadow pallets and lipstick!

  133. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  134. Alice Castle says

    I need a heat & humidity proof foundation!

  135. Araina Jade says

    I love Cover Girl lipstick, eyeshadow and face powder.
    Thank you for the chance.

  136. Amber Daulton says

    I love lip gloss and mascara.
    Thank you for the great giveaway. The Widows’ Club sounds like a wonderful series.

  137. Karen Rosaen Cairns says

    I can’t live without blush or mascara

  138. Annmarie Weeks says

    I don’t wear a lot of makeup (I adore Ulta for their haircare selections, though). But I do like tinted moisturizer…it makes my skin look so much healthier!

  139. Marlene Roemmelt Zwikelmaier says

    lipstick is my favorite

  140. I love to buy and wear lip stain

  141. Teresa Williams says

    I love Brown sugar lip gloss and I use a little makeup.

  142. Gina Hester says

    I love the Better Than Sex Mascara I buy at Ulta!

  143. Andrea Stoeckel says

    I rarely wear makeup but the brown sugar gloss sounds like fun

  144. Marcia (Freemer) Kar says

    Too old for makeup, but I would love the paperback.

  145. i need foundation but i also wear eyeliner and mascara!

  146. Shannon Gilchrist says

    My favorite piece of makeup to buy is eye shadow because you can’t go wrong

  147. I love to buy eyeshadow and eyeliner

  148. I love buying lipsticks and mascara.

  149. Lisa Pecora says

    I feel like I need foundation the most. I love the Maybelline Fit Me foundation.

  150. Nancy Burgess says

    Lipstick is my favorite makeup.

  151. Diane Sallans says

    just a bit of eyeshadow & some mascara

  152. Sandra Preti says

    I love lipstick and mascara.

  153. Laurie Emerson says

    I like Too Faced eye shadows, blush and mascara. I like the brand as it is cruelty free to animals.

  154. I love to get lipstick.

  155. Eyeshadow!

  156. donna porter says

    I love trying different shades of eyeshadow.

  157. debbie wilson says


  158. I like to do up my eyes with eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner

  159. Angelica Cassandra Dimeo says

    I like eye shadow that is bold

  160. Tiffanynichole89 says

    My favorite makeup to wear is eye shadow.

  161. Clair Freebie says

    Eyeshadow is my favorite!

  162. Mandy Bruenger says

    foundation and mascara

  163. My favorite to buy is foundation

  164. My favorite is eye palettes

  165. I would buy a new foundation everyday if I could! I will def be trying the new It cosmetics foundation at ulta in March!

  166. Right now I’m loving my It moisturizer.

  167. lissa crane says

    I love to buy lashes and mascara!!! I think it makes such a huge difference on my eyes! My favorite place to buy from is definitely Ulta because they have everything!!

  168. Jenny Ham says

    I like eyeliner the best


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