Fashion Flash February!

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Hey Beauties, I’m proud to be hosting Fashion Flash this week. Fashion Flash is a group of over 40 influencers that cover a wide range of topics including beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, food and lifestyle. Take a little ‘me’ time to enjoy our Fashion Flash e-magazine, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels shows you the delights of an extraordinary Middle East country: Bahrain

The Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless podcast is taking a fresh look at what it means to be feminine! Join us, to learn how to “tap into” your 21 feminine powers!

Enter the latest Fashion Flash Beauty, Book and money giveaway on Beauty Info Zone. Winning is always great and imagine what you can buy with the $50 Amazon card. Open through 2/17.

A sexy Valentine Dessert that is as impressive as it is simple. Kristen Coffield, of The Culinary Cure, shares the perfect fresh berry Pavlova recipe to delight your favorite Valentine. Get the recipe and more inspiration to make Valentine’s Day healthy and delicious.

If you love to stay home on Valentine’s Day, here is a delicious and easy Simple, Sexy Supper to set your heart on fire.

Red pants add a pop of color to your wardrobe; they’re festive; they are a power color; they demand attention; and they’re great for Valentine’s Day, too!  Angie at Your True Self Blog has 20 outfit ideas using red pants, as well as what colors to pair them with and what color shoes to wear with them.  It’s time to pull those red pants out of your closet and use them, or find a pair in time for Valentine’s Day and brighten up your winter!

Never Say Die Beauty has gotten soft, healthier, fuller lashes from new City Beauty Beyond Lashes mascara, a treatment mascara that stimulates growth while conditioning lashes!

Garnets are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog explains.

Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom is tempting us with a gift with purchase from Lancome this week. The gift contains products geared toward a Spring refresh. Head over to check out the goodies and see some of Stacie’s Lancome favorites.

Sheila from Painted Ladies nabbed a tube of Homeoplasmine – find out why it’s a French Pharmacy must have. 

For soft, silky, shinier hair, whether you colour or not, Erika at Notes from My Dressing Table recommends the Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil. Come check out why she loves it. 

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, award-winning author and positive aging expert, thinks there’s a special someone for every one of us out there. But sometimes meeting the right person, especially if you’re recently back into the dating game, can feel daunting. Here are her best tips to meet people and build confidence to date again! 

As for me, my eyelashes got a HUGE upgrade from the new City Beauty Beyond Mascara. Check out the before and after pictures!

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