Fashion Flash June Edition!

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It’s my turn to host Fashion Flash! In case you’re new here, Fashion Flash is a group of over 40 bloggers that cover a wide range of topics including beauty, fashion, fitness, travel and lifestyle. Our experts have a wealth of information to share this week so take a little ‘me’ time to enjoy our Fashion Flash e-magazine!

Have you ever made your own beauty products at home? Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom reviewed a DIY book on her blog that features 100 recipes for products that duplicate product favorites and are made with all natural ingredients.

Is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in the shade FU$$Y worth the hype? Erika at Notes from My Dressing Table has been trying it out and she’s ready to tell all. 

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels experiences a luxury train trip in Switzerland.

Who doesn’t love wearing white in the summer? I am sharing my favorite white maxi dress to be worn at a summer party. 

When you go out to have fun on casual evenings this summer, dare to look your best!  Angie at Your True Self Blog helps you do just that in her post “How to Look Great for Casual Summer Evenings.”

Is this yellow spice the secret to beautiful skin? Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty investigates.

Award-winning author Barbara Hannah Grufferman, has been studying the newest research on longevity and here’s what she wants to share with you about how to live a better, longer, happier life! 

Aqua Exercise For Vintage Bodies! Mirabai Holland gives you a variety of exercise tips to keep you fit and cool this June.

Itchy scalp from the sun, swimming in a chlorinated pool or just dryness? Got flakes? Never Say Die Beauty had occasional dry scalp to go along with her dry hair, but now it’s gone with Derma E Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner, and her hair is silky soft and manageable too!

Beauty Info Zone is excited about the latest Fashion Flash giveaway. While it’s a Father’s Day giveaway it has what you want too. Just picture what you’ll buy for $50 at Ulta while you are sitting back and reading a fast read by Donna Kauffman and your favorite male is getting ready with a Reuzel Grooming Kit. Sounds perfect to us.

As for me, I’m giving away 3 Wink Brow Bar products worth $240! Hurry and enter here.

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