Fashion Flash rounds out the month with terrific posts that you’ll love to read

It’s our turn to host Fashion Flash this week and we’re thrilled to do that. We always learn so much from our fellow bloggers and this week is no exception. Spring cleaning is on all of our minds so check out the two articles that will help with that. And of course there’s beauty, lifestyle and more fun.

Check out spring cleaning tips that don’t require much actual cleaning from Jackie at Jackie Silver Style.

Ready for some breathing room in 2021? Who isn’t! Make room for what matters most to you now! Uncover Mary V’s quick 5-step process for space clearing your home. 

Feeling frustrated with a quarantine body and some unwanted pounds? The average weight gain during Covid-19 was a pound a month. Now is the time to take our bodies back, detox our diets and like the skin we are in. I created a 30-Day Detox & Reset for women over 40 as an affordable way to look good, feel great and shake a few pounds. Join me

Angie at Your True Self Blog gathers tips on how to mix and blend lipsticks to get your perfect color!

If you are looking for a very special scent Allison of Never Say Die Beauty may have found the one your seeking.

What do the famous and beautiful look like IRL?  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog shares a meeting with a legendary model.

If you don’t use an eyeshadow primer Prime Beauty wants to know why? There’s a battle between 2 great ones on Frugal Friday and maybe that will convince you.

SPRING INTO ACTION! WHAT CAN KEEP YOU FROM FULFILLING YOUR FITNESS PROMISE. Here are a few general email questions that I have received and answers that might help you on your become more fit from Moving Free With Mirabai.

Award-winning author and founder of Menopause Cheat Sheet, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, has been hosting a 5-part series focusing on how menopause changes everything — inside and out, head to toe — for AARP during March to celebrate Women’s History Month. March 31st is the final episode in the series, when she’ll focus on how menopause can impact your body in very surprising, and long-term, ways. Get all the info for this free event right here.

Now’s the time to plant your garden for spring and summer flowers and vegetables. See how Stacie gets her garden started over on The Makeup Obsessed Mom blog.

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