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I’m thrilled to be hosting Fashion Flash this week. Fashion Flash is a group of over 40 blogging experts that cover beauty, fashion, fitness, women’s health and lifestyle. Take a break, grab a glass of iced tea and read the fabulous posts our bloggers have for you this week!


Fashion blogger, Pam Lutrell, looks ahead to see great jackets and coats in style for fall.  Here is how she styled a long coat in the spring and a hint at how the same coat might be styled in a couple of months!


Gap model causes controversy on social media and sparks debate about body diversity from thin to plus size


Ew, what’s crawling in your makeup? Jackie Silver from shares makeup expiration dates you must know.


Due to the interest in my last post on French Wedding chic here are some more examples of french women looking elegant and soignée.

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Positive Living advocate Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks women spend too much money (and way too much time) on makeup! In her new video she will guide you on what to use, and where, for a fresh, flawless, fabulous face . . . no matter what your age! 

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This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. They held a 5 day International symposium in NYC and DivaDebbi was invited to hear about all the latest in Plastic Surgery Trends.


Deb of No-Nonsense finds out which moisturizers really do prevent  lines and wrinkles.

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We’re so fortunate in this country to be able to lead second lives.  It’s not always an option for members of the Third World Club.

Fab Over Forty

Looking your best at any age is something we’re all interested in doing. This fab over 40 woman created a cosmetic line just for that reason. Find out more about this line on Fab Over Forty.

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Vitamin D Benefits all of us. It’s the vitamin you absorb through your skin when you’re outdoors. It helps to keep your immune system healthy. Find out more from Women’s Health and Fitness Expert, Mirabai Holland. 


Propylene Glycol works to retain the moisture content of skin, hair, or cosmetic products, by preventing the escape of moisture or water. Propylene Glycol can also be found in processed foods, drinks, and candy. But do you know what it is and where it comes from? Find out in this post from Society Wellness so you can make educated decisions about what you consume to support your optimal health.

As for me, I discovered how to erase my under eye bags in 90 seconds with Alurent Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum AND I’ve got a discount code for you!



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