Fashion Flash Welcomes Spring!

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This week I’m delighted to be hosting Fashion Flash. Fashion Flash is a group of over 40 influencers that cover a wide range of topics including beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, food and lifestyle. Since most of us are staying at home, it’s a perfect time to take a few minutes to enjoy our
Fashion Flash e-magazine!

Are you starting your quarantine mornings with warm lemon water? You should be! Kristen Coffield of The Culinary Cure explains how this simple habit can help you lose weight, feel great, rehydrate after the fast that occurs during sleep, and practice social distancing from the refrigerator.

After a couple of days of serious physical labor cleaning up the gardens, Never Say Die Beauty tried a new-to-her CBD pain relief cream on her sore muscles, AmourCBD Advanced Pain Relief. Find out if it lived up to the hype!

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels tells you about a peculiar Easter tradition in Finland.

Want to raise your immunity naturally?  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog has the answers.

In your last annual check-up (before the corona virus pandemic) your doc says “whoops your blood pressure is up and you’re 15 pounds heavier than last year. I’ll give you some meds, but you’ll have to lose weight and get into shape, OK? NOT! Now with free time on our hands you might be thinking what can I do to really make myself be and feel more healthy. Why not try Health Coaching Online with Mirabai Holland to help you take charge of your health once and for all!

What to do at home? See how Jackie from Jackie Silver Style encourages others to unite and stay safe and healthy.

Now that we’re adjusting to staying at home, there’s been a lot of talk about how to look good in comfy casual clothes. Angie at Your True Self Blog posts style tips periodically and today’s tip is on How to Spice Up an Everyday Outfit.  Stay safe and enjoy your beautiful self!

Barbara Hannah Grufferman — author of the multi-award-winning “Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life” — has an elderly mother who is currently in rehab. Due to COVID-19 no one is allowed to visit the rehab facility, but that didn’t stop Barbara from spending time with her mom during this unprecedented time. Here’s what she did. 

Here are 4 Immune Boosting Smoothies to Keep You Healthy from Phyllis Lerner of followPhyllis. Phyllis does not normally advocate drinking your calories, but during the current crisis, keeping your immune system working at maximum capability is of paramount importance. Delicious and easy to make, these smoothies are just what your immune system needs right now!

Stacie has beauty and life tips for you on The Makeup Obsessed Mom blog that will help you as you’re patiently sheltering at home.

Can’t go out shopping? Beauty Info Zone says let shopping come to you with a gift your favorite female will love. oNecklace personalized jewelry is a loving gift that won’t be lost in the shuffle.

As for me, I discovered the perfect sunscreen! Dermalogica’s Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 is non-greasy and doesn’t leave a white cast.

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