Fashion Friday: Headbands for Spring!

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I’ve always been an accessory lover and so I’m thrilled that headbands are making a comeback. From Lupita Nyong’o’s sparkling red carpet headband to boho chic, to the return of the turban, headbands and hair accessories are back in a big way! Whether your hair is super long or a short pixi, women of all ages can rock a headband–even me! Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Mario Russo in Boston, says, spring hair is all about being accessorized! Here are some of his tips:

image001 (1)Dress it Up A sparkly or sequin headband is an easy way to dress up any hairstyle, but I especially love the way it adds interest to a low chignon or braid.

  • After styling, position the headband towards the middle of the head and secure with a few bobby pins, if needed.
  • Opt for a thinner band (no more than 1.5 inches wide) so it doesn’t take away from the rest of your hairstyle
  • Depending on your outfit, consider a headband that’s embellished with a pattern or bedazzlement. Adding a fun headband is an easy way to dress up the rest of your look!

image002 (1)Make it Boho-Chic For a more relaxed yet fashion forward look, place the headband across your forehead and hair like a crown. This instantly gives you a boho-chic vibe that can work for a relaxed brunch or a night out at a party.

  • Part hair down the middle and position the headband across your forehead.
  • Depending on how dramatic you want this look to be – you can choose a wide, stretchy band (think 1 to ½ inches wide) OR a super thin band.
  • Style your hair in effortless beach waves or keep it sleek and straight to give off a more trendy vibe.
  • This style is perfect for a girl on the go – put on the headband and you instantly have a “look’!

image003 (1)Tease it Nothing says glam like voluminous locks with some height…and a headband.

  • Get out the hairspray and comb, and begin to tease the roots of your hair to achieve some height.
  • Once hair is teased, brush it back with a wide-tooth comb, before placing a headband over the crown of your head.
  • A thin band works best with hair that has some height to it, so opt for a thin stretchy or plastic headband for this style.
  • Once the headband is placed, spray hair all over with hairspray.

image004 (1)Get creative with a scarf Wearing your favorite scarf as a headband can add a pop of color to your outfit!

  • To create this look, start by putting the middle of the scarf at the nape of the neck underneath the hair, holding one end in each hand.
  • Bring the ends up to the top of the forehead and twist the scarf twice to create a knot.
  • Tie the remaining part of the scarf – either on your forehead or under your hair (both work!) and volia.
  • This is a great headband option for a day spent at the park or walking around – it’s super chic and practical.

Deepa-Gurnani-Ivory-Crystal-HeadbandThis Deepa Gurnani screams Daisy Buchanan. I adore these jeweled headbands; they are so delicate and feminine–this one looks perfect for a wedding. I’ve also noticed many of Deepa Gurnami designs on the Real Housewives not that that means style. 🙂               021 (360x480) I don’t even remember where I got this Deepa Gurnami headband but I love it! I feel like a rich New York lady who lunches when I wear it and it ALWAYS garners compliments.

Finally Valentino was showing leather studded headbands for spring 2014 on the runway. Very medieval.


Have you tried headbands? Will you follow this spring trend?  



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  1. I love how headbands can change a whole look!

  2. That headband looks great on you! And I LOVE LOVE the colorful one at the top of the post!!!

  3. I wish I could wear headbands, but I have a big head and they give me headaches lol

  4. I always love how headbands look on other people, but I don’t think they look good on me. I agree with Leticia, they give me headaches, too.

  5. The only time I wear a headband is when I’m keeping my hair out of my face in the bath with a masque on! haha I have glasses, and they ruin headbands!

  6. I love your headband! I’m always drawn to Nicole Richie’s style too.

  7. I love that Deepa Gurnami headband! I’m fairly traditional with headband placement. I look silly with the boho look.

  8. I love these feminine sparkly headbands. You look gorgeous in that pic Cindy! I love the volume at the crown of your hair too! 🙂

  9. your headband is so pretty!

  10. I love the look, but I seriously can’t get headbands to stay on my head for anything!

  11. I love headbands… these are gorgeous.

  12. It has only been in the last 4 years or so that I have come to like wearing headbands. Yours looks cute on you!

  13. I love headbands, but they hate me! They never look quite right when I wear them

  14. I have a large collection of headbands, so I’m glad to see them back in style!

  15. I love the pic of you in the headband!

  16. When I was younger, I would never leave the house without a head band! I loved ones with flower or bow embellishments.

  17. Love the headband trend!

  18. Oh, these are so pretty! And they can transform a look quickly!

  19. I’m totally in for head bands !

  20. I love the headband you’re wearing! I need to get me a decent-looking headband for work just to give my usual ponytail some pizzaz

  21. I love headbands! I know some don’t but I still like to keep a variety to change things up!

  22. i feel like headbands make my round head look even rounder

  23. I’m not a headband fan only because they tend to give me a headache OR slip all over the place. I do like the rhinestone studded bands pictured above though. I was almost tempted by something similar last night. =)

  24. That headband looks great on you – I love them and should wear one more often.

  25. That boho chic headband is LOVE!

  26. I love headbands but wish they a. looked better on me or b. the ones that look good didn’t fall off all the time!