Find Enlightened Radiance with Skinn

Find Enlightened Radiance with Skinn

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We all want radiant, glowing skin. Aging, seasonal changes, the environment, not getting enough sleep, stress, or even skin type may all contribute to dullness. For me, it’s sometimes a combination of all those, especially right now. The drier months can really take a toll on my dry, sensitive skin. Recently, however, my skin has had more of its glow back with the Enlightened Radiance line from Skinn.

 Enlightened Radiance Serum – $52

Enlightened Radiance with Skinn- Serum Swatch

Though I’ve tried makeup from Skinn before, this is the first time I’ve used their skincare. I was definitely curious to see how the Enlightened Radiance collection could help improve my dull skin.

The Intense Pure Brightening Treatment Serum is designed to not only improve brightness but also to work as an anti-aging treatment. Formulated with Resveratrol, White Tea, Melanin, and Vitamin C, the Enlightened Radiance Serum is a skin beneficial multi-tasker that helps to:

  • Increases moisture retention
  • Improve uneven skin tone
  • Shield skin from environmental factors
  • Soothes and hydrates dull, tired skin

Besides being a fan of the blush colored packaging, I’m also a fan of the texture of the serum. It’s lightweight, has a nice light fragrance, and absorbs quickly into the skin. Each time I apply it, I notice my skin looks dewier and feels softer.

 Enlightened Radiance Cream – $48

After I apply the serum, I use the Enriched Skin Tone Correcting & Brightening Moisturizer. Like the serum, the cream/moisturizer features a nice lightweight formula that absorbs easily into my skin. I also really like the pump feature of the moisturizer. It means I don’t have to dig my hands into the jar and have more control over how much I use.

The Enlightened Radiance Cream is formulated with Vitamin C, Sugar Cane, Citrus, and Apple fruit acids. These all work to help brighten the skin, improve discolorations, encourage cell turnover, and even out the complexion.

While I do see an almost immediate improvement in my skin tone while using the serum and cream, it doesn’t provide enough hydration for my very dry skin. I found this a bit odd because if you touch my skin it feels relatively soft, but each time I go to apply makeup I have trouble. My skin is noticeably dehydrated. Even when I use primer, which I always do, my foundation won’t blend in, settles into my pores and sticks to dry patches.  I think this Enlightened Radiance Cream might be better suited for normal, oily or combination skin.

Enlightened Radiance Concentrate- $42

Enlightened Radiance with Skinn - Concentrate

Next up in the collection is the Radiance Concentrate: Targeted Discoloration Diminisher.  This tiny tube is designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots or discolorations using a combination of Goji Berry, Licorice, Vitamin C, and Poria Mushroom. In addition, Vitamin B and Safflower Extract work to improve skin’s hydration.

I can’t really speak to the full effectiveness of this concentrate as I only have two tiny “dark” spots that are barely noticeable to anyone but me. I do feel like they may have faded a little, but again they aren’t dark enough to show much of a change.

Lip 6x Balm- $29.50

Enlightened Radiance with Skinn - Lip 6x Balm

While the Lip 6X Balm in Original isn’t part of the Enlightened Radiance Collection, I did want to include it in this review. I absolutely adore this balm.

Formulated with Volulip, Maxlip, Filling Spheres, Vitamin C and Revinage, the 6x Balm works to hydrate and soothe dry, cracked lips. I like to use this every night and every morning as part of my skincare routine. I’ve noticed a huge difference since I started applying the balm to my lips daily. Usually, especially during this time of year, I need to apply lip balm over and over. This is no longer the case. By applying the balm twice a day, my lips feel soft, supple, and even a bit plumper.

Elightened Radiance from Skinn Wear

Overall:  While the Enlightened Radiance didn’t help to keep my dry skin as hydrated as I need it to be, it did improve my glow. If you suffer from dark spots or dullness, I would recommend incorporating some of these products into your skincare routine. They will help give you that luminosity you crave. And don’t pass up the Lip 6X Balm. It will help keep your lips looking fabulous, especially during these colder months of fall and winter.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Blythe, you look fabulous! Based on packaging alone, I would love this skincare line. I’m especially interested in the balm

  2. I love the packaging of the lip balm, that’s going to make it so much easier to apply on the go!

  3. The serum comes in a very unique packaging. I love when companies do pumps, it’s so much better than when I have to put my fingers in it.

  4. I’m very intrigued by the lip balm. Using it just twice a day would make life easier. I love this picture of you, the best one yet!!

  5. That balm sounds AMAZING. I wants it.

  6. I love a good glow. The lip balm sounds nice.

  7. I guess this kit is more for giving your skin that glow, not much for keeping it hydrated or anything like that. The balm sounds amazing and it would be nice to have it this season, especially during the winter.

  8. I have been contemplating a new balm, I’m running out, I need to give this one a shot. The serum sounds nice, too.

  9. oh I love this. I have always loved glowing skin, and this set would fit perfectly in my collection.

  10. Glad you mention dehydrated because it’s a different concern vs dry skin.

  11. I love Skinn products and their colour cosmetics are wonderful too. It’s funny you should mention being a fan of the blush toned packaging that was the first thing that crossed my mind was how pretty it all was. Can’t wait to try it including the lip balm, my lips peel off in sheets in the winter and then bleed – not a pretty sight!

  12. I want glowing skin! My sin lately has been dull and lack luster. I’m gonna look into this stuff.

  13. Christia Colquitt says

    Serums are amazing! I always see a difference when I take the time to include that step.

  14. That product looks so luxurious! I can just feel it on my skin! I love the pink packaging, too.

  15. Skinn sounds and looks like such an amazing brand with really helpful products! I’d love to check these out, I’ve been looking for a new skin care line!

  16. Your skin is positively luminous! And I am especially intrigued by the lip balm as I always get those cracked lips once the cold weather sets in! I love that this product really works on your skin the results say it all!

  17. That’s definitely a good look. I prefer the well rested and vibrant look to when someone looks like they’ve piled on makeup. It just seems to give a natural looking glow.

  18. If you’re aiming to get more of a glow, then I think this is the perfect set of products to try! It does make your skin more bright.

  19. Roxanne Ferber says

    This is such a great brand and I love the lip balm too!! Your skin looks so good!

  20. The lip balm sounds wonderful!

  21. I’ve never heard of this brand before, probably because I live in Australia, but it looks awesome, especially the lip balm!

  22. Jeanine @ says

    Oh that lip balm. It’s probably something I would use and benefit from. I don’t really do much with my skin and I should!

  23. I haven’t heard of the Skinn brand before. It looks like this is another brand that I need to check out sooner rather than later.

  24. Indypassionlady says

    I hae never heard of this brand before. The lip balm looks rich and I’d love to try it. My lips get very chapped in the winter and chapstick does nothing to help.

  25. TheMummyToolbox says

    oooo so shiny! I love the look of these and need new skincare products! I haven’t heard of them before

  26. I’m new to this brand but the products look great! The lip balm looks really great and perfect for my oldest daughter too.

  27. militaryfamof8 says

    Oh this looks great. I wonder if Skinn products are avail here in our place. I like the lip balm.

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    I had not heard of this brand before but I will have to check it out. I love trying new brands. 🙂