New! Freeze 24-7 Coconut Gel Face Masks!

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Freeze 24-7 are leaders in innovative, effective anti-aging skincare offering both instant and long term results. The latest additions to the line are three premium coconut gel face masks. I call them a skincare “boost” because they deliver an extra boost to the your skincare routine by offering intense treatments at home (rather than an expensive spa) in a short amount of time. And c’mon who doesn’t love instant gratification?

These coconut gel masks are made from all natural fermented coconut juice, containing Vitamin B and Vitamin C with soothing and hydrating properties. Each mask is made of flexible material with 10 times as much fluid as those generic non-woven fabric masks. I was amazed at how much serum was left after trying the Intense Hydrating Face Mask.

The masks are designed to help three common skincare concerns: firming, radiance and hydration–all three we over 40 ladies experience. The masks may seem pricey at $60 but that includes 8 masks so that means $7.50 per mask which is waaaay less expensive than a typical spa treatment where you would pay between $75-100 and up. You can also choose how often you use the masks to save money too. I might only use the anti-gravity mask once a month but the hydrating mask once a week.


How to Use: apply to clean, dry skin fitting the curves to your face. The instructions say to gently unfold the mask and peel off the protective paper from one side of the mask. I didn’t read the directions (‘natch) and put the mask on with the protective paper still on and then peeled it off–it worked just fine in case you’re wondering. The mask was much too long for me so I overlapped it a little on each side. It sticks well to the face but I did have some trouble keeping it on my chin. Of course, different face shapes will have to adjust accordingly.


Scary but SO worth it!

Scary but SO worth it!

Anti-Gravity Lifting Face Mask contains active lifting ingredients to help strengthen skin elasticity and relieve existing fine lines while preventing future ones.

  • Adenosine improves the appearance of wrinkles
  • Serilesine adds density to skin tissues increasing skin elasticity. Relieves existing fine lines while preventing future ones.
  • Mushroom Complex extract with enriched ß-glucan supplies moisturizing care and nutrtition to the skin.


Radiance Brightening Face Mask contains brightening and skin tone improving ingredients that work together to help skin regain luminosity and restore vitality,  effectively alleviating  dullness.

  • White Power Telangyn™ brightens and evens skin tine while preventing redness and blemishes.
  • Brightening Complex protects from harmful environments, making skin bright and healthy. It also helps moisturize and soften the skin to keep the skin tone radiant and stable.

Of course brightening the skin cannot give instant results, but I will say my skin looked instantly clearer. I also had some redness from two blemishes that is now gone! Color me totally impressed!


Intense Hydrating Face Mask contains moisturizing peptides that penetrate deeply into the skin and give it a boost of instant hydration. Amino acids reinforce the skin’s natural barrier to seal in moisture for a long lasting hydrating effect.

  • Diffuporine accelerates the synthesis of water channel which helps supply abundant moisture to skin from inside and outside.
  • Amino Acid Complex helps skin cell’s growth and cure, skin hydration and elasticity.

This mask worked wonders on my dry, parched skin. I had just visited my esthetician and she said my skin was very dehydrated. I’m sure it was from the skincare I had been testing which didn’t work so you won’t be hearing about it obvs. I kept the mask on for 25 minutes. There was a LOT of serum left so I massaged it into my skin–and still felt there was more just sitting on my skin. I busied myself watching the Real Housewives of NYC and within a few minutes the extra serum had completely absorbed into my skin! After using the Freeze 24-7 Intense Hydrating Face Mask, my skin was instantly hydrated and supple. The moisture didn’t vanish the next day either. It gave my skin a HUGE drink of water it desperately needed! If you are looking for instant boost of hydration, I can honestly say I haven’t tried anything better!

Available at Bloomingdale’s,, Dillard’s, and

Bottom Line: the Freeze 24-7 Coconut Gel Face Masks are perfect for over 40 beauties who need an instant skincare boost that will last for weeks! At $60 per box they may seem pricey, but you get 8 masks which works out to be just $7.50 per mask, WAY less than a spa treatment!! I will definitely be purchasing a full box!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

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