Frugal Friday: Baylis & Harding Elements Hand Wash Collection

Right now we need to follow the 3 W’s carefully: WATCH your distance, WEAR a mask (double mask actually), and WASH your hands. Today I’m here to help you with the 3rd W: Wash your hands. I get to do it with a luxury line of hand washes that sells for only $3.97. Yes, I said luxury – let’s see why.

BAYLIS & HARDING is a brand from the UK and is the UK’s #1 Décor Display hand wash brand. This new line of vegan hand wash embraces interior design trends with stylish marble, stainless steel and wood effect bottles meant to be displayed. The 4 bottle designs are stylish, giving off the air of luxury.

These lovelies are big too. At 500 mL they’ll last for ages even with the new rules of washing. The fragrances are unique and will remind you of high end scents. And if this isn’t enough you need to know that they contain the benefits of Vitamin E and its moisturizing benefits.

Buy these by fragrance or by design. For my bathrooms only the beautiful wooden design doesn’t work perfectly but it’s still so lovely.

Baylis & Harding Hand Washes

My personal favorite is Fresh Lemon & Mint: This citrus herbal creation features orange, lemon and lime in the top and leads to orange flower, basil and fresh herbal accords. I always choose citrus as a scent when picking products out. I have this in my main bath since that’s where I spend an inordinate amount of time.

Baylis & Harding Fresh Lemon & Mint
Baylis & Harding hand wash with my mask, sanitizer, glass cleaner

In my guest bathroom is the beautiful black Dark Amber & Fig: A blend of deep amber, cedar and fig notes infused with nourishing Vitamin E. While I don’t have guests I do know that they’ll appreciate this unusual scent. My husband likes it since it has a more masculine fragrance than most hand washes.

Baylis & Harding Dark Amber & Fig

In addition there’s White Tea & Neroli: Mouthwatering and refreshing notes of citrus and pear are combined with a delicate rose and freesia bouquet on a bed of ambery woods, musks and tonka in the white marbelized packaging and the beautiful wooden look of Oud Wood & Bergamot: A dynamic spicy citrus fragrance featuring a vibrant pink pepper, saffron and gingerbread accord over a solar woody base, bringing a unisex touch to a masculine note. Oud Wood is sitting at my husband’s basin and getting used several times a day.

Now for the surprise on this luxury $3.97 line – buy it at Walmart! Baylis & Harding, which has an amazing UK reputation, has chosen Walmart as their representative. Either go to the store or buy it online but seriously buy it. You can’t find a better buy and you can’t find a better line.

WATCH your distance, WEAR a mask, and WASH your hands with Baylis & Harding.

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