Frugal Friday – CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher!

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COVERGIRL‘S newest edition to the LashBlast collection is the neon green LashBlast Clump Crusher. This little green tube packs a whole lotta goodness in it. I’ve been pleased with the CoverGirl LashBlast offerings in the past and when the LashBlast Clump Crusher arrived on the scene I was intrigued. Can it really annihilate clumps? I mean REALLY? The answer is a resounding YES!

Being the mascara maven that I am, I admit to being overly zealous when CoverGirl launched the LastBlast Clump Crusher. I began a search quest to find this mascara somewhere among all the drugstores and mass market retailers in my small town. I finally found it at my local Walgreens and thought about buying the entire display but then I realized….I hadn’t even tried it yet. Would I even like the mean green clump crusher?

I need not have worried because when I saw the green curved plastic brush it was love at first sight. I really, really like rubber brushes—they seem to work better than the HUGE gimmicky brushes (I’m looking at you Diorshow) at grabbing ALL your lashes—even the teeny tiny ones. The brush has pointy bristles of different lengths and thickness to allow the mascara to get in between lashes and pull them apart without leaving clumps behind. Genius!!!


You notice the difference in this mascara the minute you pull the wand out of the tube–look how clean that wand is! No clumps or extra glops on the end of the wand. The curve is EXACTLY the right shape the cover all your lashes and it’s easy to use. That gives you a hint of what is to come. I honestly was amazed at the separation and definition I got with LastBlast Clump Crusher. Look at all those lashes! You can see clump crusher covered every single lash I have! As an added bonus, it holds a curl all dang day!!

The only thing I CAN”T say about Clump Crusher is that it adds volume. My lashes are pretty long so I don’t need a mascara to add length, but as I’ve aged they have gotten thinner so I do prefer a mascara that adds volume. You just aren’t going to get a lot of volume with this. Alas. there are all kinds of trade offs in life, I’m afraid. LastBlast Clump Crusher is fantastic for flirty, natural looking lashes but I prefer drag queen-diva-just short of Tammy Faye Baker lashes. That said, if ANY mascara could change my mind this one is it!  I’ve been wearing this all week long and I’m liking it more and more–I can definitely see this having a starring role in my mascara rotation.

COVERGIRL promises that you can apply up to 30 coats of mascara before Clump Crusher will actually clump! Is it true? Does the Clump Crusher live up to the claims?  Click here to see 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic’s video where she applied 30 coats!

Clump Crusher is in select stores now and nationwide in January of 2013, it retails for $6.99.  If you see a bright green neon mascara tube in your local drugstore–grab it!  I’m rethinking buying out my Walgreen’s display 🙂

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  1. Very cool! I am always looking for a good mascara. I have very short and fine lashes 🙁

  2. Based on the pictorial it does add length.

  3. I’m still looking for this. Christine and others have convinced me that I need this too. I love how your lashes look!

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Oh my gosh, Cindy! Your lashes are SO long. I’ve GOT to have this…NOW!!!

  5. Oops! Gonna have to go get some!

  6. Your lashes look AMAZING! I need to pick this up!


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