Frugal Friday: Hard Candy Cashmere Silk Lip Color

Hard Candy Cashmere Silk Creme Lip Color

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Just when I think I can stick to my no buy on lipsticks, glosses, etc., I meet another product I can’t live without. At least this time it’s another affordable pick courtesy of Hard Candy Cashmere Silk. And like last week’s post on their Plumping Serum, these cruelty-free lip colors also look and feel great on the lips.

Cashmere Silk Demi-Matte Cremes

I tend to gravitate to bold, bright lipsticks and glosses, but I also can’t live without my perfect neutrals. With the Cashmere Silk Demi-Matte Crème Lip Colors, I can indulge in both bold and neutral.

Hard Candy Cashmere Silk Swatches

I can go for a nude look with Macaron or opt for a deeper look with Tartufo. I can sheer out the colors or build them up. Or if I need to cheat on my no buy, I can indulge in one of the other five colors available. Speaking of the shade range, although it might be small, it does offer a nude or pink option for every skin tone and color preference.

Of course, I can’t talk about the Cashmere Silk collection without gushing over the formula. It glides on like butter and feels incredibly comfortable on the lips. It’s like wearing a hydrating lip balm, only with a bit more color. I do find myself reaching for my lip balm less and less whenever I wear Macaron or Tartufo.

Hard Candy Cashmere Silk Applicator

I also really appreciate the demi-matte finish. It gives me a little bit of that lipgloss shine I like mixed with the lasting power of a matte lipstick. Speaking of last power, the Cashmere Silk Cremes do have pretty decent staying power. Granted it’s not as long as a liquid lipstick, but even as they wear down they leave a nice stain on the lips.

I put these fabulous lip cremes to the ultimate test last week during a speed networking event. Not only did they hold up pretty well through all my conversations, but my lips never felt dry or dehydrated. To me, this is a big win. If you’ve ever been at an event requiring a lot of talking you know what I’m talking about. There is nothing worse than feeling your lip product start to wear off or feel flaky or dry. It’s not a good look.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this lippie junkie is giving her seal of approval to the Hard Candy Cashmere Silk Collection. At $6 each, they are worth a trip or two to your nearest Walmart.

Have you tried the Cashmere Silk Demi-Matte Lip Colors?

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  1. Both shades are really pretty on You!

  2. Both shades are really pretty on You!