Frugal Friday – Milani EYE TECH Liquid Eye Liner

My good friend and fellow makeup addict Marcia from Beauty Info Zone is guest posting today to tell us about a drugstore gem she discovered–read on!

No one has ever accused me of being frugal, especially my husband. Since my kids are no longer kids and I am not responsible for feeding and clothing them I’m able to spend more freely on myself. In spite of the lack of penny pinching, I like a bargain as much as the next person. My newest bargain fits so perfectly into Prime Beauty’s Frugal Friday posts that I offered to review these.

Here’s the background – CVS had just begun their new Beauty Club and had a lot of specials going on. I’m newly enamored with liquid eyeliners and was looking to see which ones CVS carried that I hadn’t tried before. That’s when I noticed Milani EYE TECH Liquid Eye Liner. They were $6.99 with a BOGO ½ offer plus I had 10% off for starting with their Beauty Club. I bought these in Charcoal and Brown for a total of $9.45 (plus you get back $5 every time you reach $50 in purchases in their Beauty Club). Since the typical department store liquid eyeliner costs around $20, I had a bargain.

But bargains are only bargains if the product works and you like what you bought. Fortunately Milani’s EYE TECH liners are a bargain that works. These are about the size of a GWP mascara. I’m used to a longer handle on a liner but I haven’t found that the size makes it any more difficult to apply. Some people may even enjoy the smaller size since you get a little better control. The felt tip itself is a little shorter and thinner than a fuller size liner. I personally don’t have any trouble at all applying these liners. They glide on smoothly and evenly. The color never skips. These are not unusual shades, they are just basic brown, black and charcoal but the colors are rich. If you are interested in more vibrant shades Milani also has INFINITE Liquid Eye Liners ($5.99) that have a different delivery system and come in shades like teal, violet and green. EYE TECH lasts on my top lashline the entire day until I am ready to remove my makeup. If I’m going out at night though I do touch up the bottom lashline but I really don’t have to, I just like a dark line. The Milani site says they are smudge proof and I totally agree. These don’t smudge or run on me.

Topto bottom: Cat Cosmetics, Milani, Stila

I’ve been very pleased with my frugality and recommend that you try these too. If you aren’t sure about using liquid eyeliner Milani is a good and inexpensive way to experiment. The quality is there without the price tag.

Be sure to check out Marcia’s beauty blog Beauty Info Zone–it’s worth it!

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  1. Wow, that’s such a great review. You should use this guest blogger all the time. LOL

  2. Hopping over from Blog Frog. Thanks for the review. I may need to start thinking of CVS for my beauty products as well. 🙂


  3. thanks for the review dear… I have Maxfactor, Lakme, Colorbar eye liner in this pen form.. all of them are good… we dont have Milani here in India

  4. I love good products that are bargains; great review!

  5. BooBooNinja says

    I picked up this on Cyber Monday, and I love the small size. It’s great for someone with small hands like me.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t last all day for me — my flick disappears — but I do think it’s a good buy. I’m curious how long the pen will last me — so people have complained that it tends to dry out relatively quickly.

    Do you still reach for this product?