Frugal Friday: MinxNY Spa Collection!


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There’s nothing better than an at-home spa day, am I right? How about if the products you need are all under $20? I say bring on the zen! MinxNY Spa Collection has a new Kissables spa collection that includes:

Kissables Wipe Out! Makeup Remover ($19.99) – this makeup remover & exfoliating cloth is a 2-in-1 miracle that will leave your face sparkly clean and soft to the touch! One side removes makeup with just water, and the other side is a gentle exfoliator. Okay, that’s just genius. All you have to do is wet the cloth. run it across your face, squeeze and watch your makeup run down the drain! Next, add your favorite cleanser to the crushed velvet looking side to gently exfoliate. pat dry and glow! This cloth has the ability to remove all types of cosmetics, including mascara without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic makeup removers. The cloth measures approx 9×7 so it’s an ample size to wash your whole face. The makeup removing side is super duper soft and works great on makeup, you may need to work a little harder with waterproof mascara. I just love the idea of using only water– when I’m tired (or lazy) and don’t have to time to double cleanse this is a quick and easy way to cleanse. Available in pink and blue.

Kissables Shower Cap with Travel Bag ($12.99) – I haven’t worn a shower cap in ages but now that I’m not washing my hair every day, I find myself in need of one. I had an old yucky one I was using so I was happy to replace it. This one is 100% waterproof, large, and keeps my hair dry and your ‘do intact. It’s lined with soft cotton-polyester terry lining wicks away perspiration even in the steamiest conditions. There are two patterns: Hello Gorgeous and Squeaky Clean. They both come with a plastic travel bag too!

Kissables Exfoliating Mitt ($12.99) –  the unique fabric texture easily removes surface layers of buildup from your body and dead skin instantly AND it’s approved and endorsed by dermatologists! All you need is the mitt and water to deep clean, minimize and reduce clogged pores of ingrown hairs and dirt trapped within. You’ll be able to reveal kiss-ably soft skin with an immediate smoothness within the first use!

The MinxNY Kissables Spa Collection is fun, effective and affordable! I’m stocking my shower with all three of these and you should too!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I do wear a shower cap because I only wash my hair every 4-5 days and in my shower it gets wet. I have a cheap shower cap that I got at Walmart, and I was just thinking yesterday while I was at Ulta that I needed a new, better one. I will look for these. They’re so cute

  2. OMG I love the shower cap! That is totally something I would use and love! I love that the products are called kissable, awesome name.

  3. Love all these little cute things! Would like to add them into the Mothers Day basket I’m making for my mama!

  4. Melissa Chapman says

    I haven’t worn a shower cap ever but I love that one. The Wipe Out is really a great product that we all could use regularly.

  5. I’m loving this shower cap since I need it on the days I don’t wash my hair and it’s CUTE! I like to also use the Exfoliating Cleansing Cloth in the morning when I only need water to refresh my skin. These are great products.

  6. Oh my you look so adorable!!!! The makeup remover sounds awesome.

  7. I love using a shower cap. I’m using a new shampoo formula that helps me skip days and so I don’t want to get my hair wet on days 2 and 3.

  8. I love using a good shower cap lol I can’t wash my hair daily, so it really comes in handy! I also love doing little at home spa days when the kids will let me.

  9. Those exfoliating cloths look like exactly what I need! Love the pretty colors and cheery feel of this stuff.

  10. Karen Yannacio Morse says

    Might have to get one of those shower caps. I have one (which I like), but I could always use a spare so that I am fully hair-ready!

  11. I think i am going to have to get one of those shower caps, i really am in need of one, thanks for the ideas 🙂

  12. I like this spa collection.
    All the items look so reasonably priced.
    They look great for travel.

  13. I really need some good makeup remover and I don’t even when I exfoliated last. These look great and great for a spa day.

  14. I’ve never tried MinxNY products before but this looks like a great mix. What a price point, too. Love the idea of some in-home spa treatments!

  15. Jeanine @ says

    a shower cap! I need to get one of these. Super cute, and so helpful. I totally even forgot all about them!

  16. I love that bath cap!!! I’m used to the plastic ones, but I like that this one is lined with fabric. I bet it feels luxurious!

  17. I want that makeup remover! That sounds so cool and I wouldn’t have to keep buying disposable makeup wipes!

  18. I love my Sunday Spa Days! I see quite a few products here that I need to incorporate into my spa routine.

  19. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Sundays are my pampering days! Love the sound of that exfoliating cloth!

  20. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I could use the Kissables cleansing cloths. I love that they exfoliate as well.

  21. Marceline Dementori says

    These all sound like lovely products! I think it’s awesome to have a collection like this especially for people who need some me time!

  22. This entire spa collection is beyond cute!! I want everything, especially that adorable shower cap!! <3

  23. I love that cloth!!! I Never heard of this brand before! I need to check this out!!

  24. I love spa days! These products look amazing. I want to try the kissables cleansing clothes, sounds great