Frugal Friday: New L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipstick

Eight years ago when I started this blog, I used to have a popular feature on every Friday called Frugal Friday. On Fridays, I would highlight a drugstore beauty gem I had discovered. I stopped for a few reasons: blogs devoted only to drugstore makeup began to pop up and the new launches just weren’t that exciting. Now that has all changed (again) and big Makeup Brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, Neutrogena, Physicians Formula, Cover Girl and more are adding new releases all the time and making formulas that rival high-end brands. I will never spend $30+ on a mascara again–I don’t need to! Plus we have seen new drugstore brands come on the scene in recent years such as Flower by Drew Barrymore, e.l.f, Hard Candy, Models Own, Makeup Revolution etc.

So I would like to start up Frugal Friday again and start featuring more drugstore brands but only if it is something you would like so I’m taking a vote! Please say yes or no in the comments, I really want to provide content YOU want to see!

The first Frugal Friday I’m featuring the NEW! L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipsticks ($10). OMG, I adore these! These remind me of YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks. They both have vivid color payoff and have that oil-in-stick texture. They are so creamy and moisturizing they feel more like a balm but they have rich opaque pigmentation, they are not sheer. Finally, a break from drying matte lipsticks! There are 16 shades available from pretty nudes to rights to deep red.

I chose four shades:

  • #910 Shining Peach, a true pale peach that looks fab with a smoky eye
  • #904 Varnished Rosewood, a warm rose with a hint of brown. This is a gorgeous shade beauties, it has the appearance of a much more expensive like Tom Ford or YSL
  • #906 Burnished Blush, a warm medium pink berry
  • #918 Polished Tango, a bright pinky coral peach

This texture is so lightweight and glides onto lips like buttah. It seems to melt onto the lips, even dry lips and has a smooth feel with a shiny, glossy finish. The formula has 60% more oils providing moisture and good news for us over 40 gals, the lipstick doesn’t feather or bleed. These are so comfortable to wear and though the color pay off is great, they don’t feel heavy. I got a good 4-5 hours of wear though the glossiness will fade sooner. They are not sticky at all and have no flavor. They do have a very slight candy scent but it is very light, I don’t think it will bother most noses.

Even the packaging is a little more luxe than usual. The clear plastic barrel has a silver bullet inside and a gold band with L’Oreal in the middle. The top of the bullet is clear so you can see the shade, I really appreciate when drugstore brands do this since testers are not usually available.

I’m really enjoying the L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipsticks and want to purchase more shades. I believe this is a spring launch but there are plenty of richer shades suitable to wear this winter.

Have you seen the L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipsticks in stores yet?  Will you purchase any?

Don’t forget to vote YES or NO for Frugal Friday!

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  1. Lola Seicento says

    These are so juicy and gorgeous! All 4 shades are so beautiful!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Those lipsticks look so comfy. I like the clear packaging too. Where did you get those fab silver glitter letters?

  3. Krystal Butherus says

    I’m intrigued by the Polished Tango and the Burnished Blush! Loreal is one of my favorite brands.

  4. I love all those colors. That is truly my style.

  5. mary kay baynard says

    Yes, more Frugal Friday!

  6. Melissa Chapman says

    I am always interested in a great deal so keep it up. Those lipsticks were so nice so I will look for them where I shop.

  7. What interesting packaging! Also a slight candy smell for a lipstick would be super interesting and could go either way for me. I definitely want to check it out now just to smell it!

  8. These are all pretty colors. I really like the clear sticks, really cool looking.

  9. Good to know you’re doing it again. If ever you come across w/ vegan option, please feature

  10. Definitely do the series even if you can’t do it weekly. I love browsing in the drugstore and since we can’t test there it’s great to have reviews. I like that peach shade the best.

  11. Loreal is one of my favorite drug store brands and these shades are all stunning! Guess I have a few new things to add to my shopping list for Target tomorrow

  12. L’Oreal’s been on a roll with their lipstick game lately, it’s really awesome to see all their new products. I think this one’s perfect for that glow that we all need during the winter.

  13. Jen Mathews says

    Those look like wearable colors.

  14. Those look like the perfect shades for you!

  15. Yes I love the idea of more Frugal Friday posts, please continue! I can’t always afford the prestige brands and it is nice to be in the know about the drugstore brands and to see swatches. I love the looks and sound of these L’Oreal shine lipsticks, I see two shades already that I must have! Thanks Cindy!

  16. Those colors are amazing but I am digging that case! I really love it.

  17. Shandy Kaye says

    Those shades of a lipstick are so lovely, even though I don’t wear a make up but I found it lovely and sexy

  18. 1alwaysnyc1 says

    Yes, yes, yes! Include drugstore brands! Loved your recent drugstore FOTD posts. High-end brands are great and I have a few must-haves (Clinique High Impact Mascara. And that’s on the lower price end.). But I’d rather save my pennies for skincare. L’Oreal owns brands like Lancome and Urban Decay and drugstore brands have been quick to create their own versions of their luxury sisters. Unfortunately, higher than normal drugstore prices have accompanied them. My daughter and I just saw this lipstick in CVS a few days ago and loved the high-end look of the packaging.

  19. Nailil Ivaldi says

    Those lipstick colors are so pretty and perfect for the season. I haven’t bought lipsticks in a while, but need some. So I will check these out.

  20. These are so beautiful!

  21. Yes, please do Frugal Friday. It would definetely help to have some reliable reviews of less expensive make-up and skincare.
    #904 Varnished Rosewood is so pretty!

  22. I remember Frugal Fridays!! I’m going to pick up a couple of these

  23. I love finding drugstore steals, at least half of my makeup is drugstore! You can really find some amazing items!

  24. Gloria Walshver says

    Yes of course love wearing lipstick.

  25. I’m so glad you found some colors you like, and it’s always great when you get extra moisturizing from a product 🙂

  26. I have always really loved the L’oreal makeup line! They are inexpensive and really good quality. I need to try out these lipsticks!

    • They really are beautiful and feel wonderful on the lips. L’Oreal owns Lancome and other high-end brands so I always expect greatness from them.

  27. Heather McMechan says

    I’ve never tried L’Oreal lipsticks. I’m loving the berry color and always looking for bright colors that look great when I do Facebook Live.

  28. Stephanie Pass says

    I love L’oreal products, and their lipsticks are some of my faves. I would never have guessed from looking at the lipsticks, the color swatches would be fairly light. I do love all them, though.

  29. Yes! Please post more drugstore beauty finds! There are many gems in the drugstore and makeup doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Thank you for reviewing these!

  30. Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls) says

    the packaging is as pretty as the shades of color.

  31. Wow I love these colors! I’ve been looking hard to try and find a good pink color!

  32. all_the_words025 says

    These shades are gorgeous! I really like Varnished Rosewood.

  33. Maria Katsulos says

    I love these shades! I’m pretty sure I actually own one of these (the color name is slipping my mind) but I totally know what you mean about how great the texture is!!