Frugal Friday – Pixi Beauty Wide Awake Crayon Combo

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Pixi’s Wide Awake Crayon Combo ($18) is a double-ended dynamo that creates a wide awake look even if you haven’t had your full  8 hours of beauty sleep.  And… I mean… really, who actually gets 8 hours of sleep a night anymore?  Between stress, insomnia and just not enough hours in the day, I average about 5 hours and trust me, it shows on my face!  This little multi-tasking wonder has two sides: a matte nude to brighten and a glowing cream to lighten! The matte side is a creamy nude peach I like to use on my brow bone and the glowy side is a slightly (just enough) shimmery champagne and looks fab on the inner corners of the eye.

Shimmery side

Shimmery side


2013-09-23 05.42.47 (480x260)

The high performance little crayon is infused with caffeine, chamomile and pearl powder to brighten, soothe and condition your skin as it ensures long lasting wear time. Those are some nice anti-aging ingredients, beauties! The silky texture is easily blendable which means no pulling or tugging on delicate eyes.  It’s waterproof making the matte side perfect for using on the waterline. It’s way more natural than using a white eyeliner and won’t accentuate red or tired eyes.

2013-09-23 05.43.15 (315x480)

Bottom Line: Every over 40 woman’s best friend! Look wide awake and rested with the fab crayon that doesn’t tug, pull or wear off!


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  1. Love Pixi products!