Frugal Friday – Revlon Lash Potion Volume + Length Mascara by Grow Luscious

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The original Grow Luscious mascara by Revlon was one of my favorites so when Revlon Lash Potion launched I was really excited to try it. Mascaras always excite me–I dream of big, bold, drop-dead diva lashes and am constantly striving to get them–no soft “natural” look for me!

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The packaging is cute without being too juvenile, I like the holographic party look to the tube. Me thinks though that the magic lies in the brush. The “Illusionist Wand” is made of nylon bristles and they are spaced out so that there are big gaps between them. The “triple groove bristle brush” is supposed to provide dramatic volume and clump-free lashes. Since the bristles are spaced so far apart, it is supposed to comb through eliminating clumps, while providing volume. While I prefer a rubber brush, this one does coat lashes extremely well with just one layer and the mascara seems to adhere better than other thinner formulas. The formula also reminds me of a tubing mascara in that aspect, as it coats 360° around the lash. It has proteins, vitamins, and amino acids to strengthen lashes. The consistency is thicker than most but not gloppy.  For once I can say I’m happy with the length AND volume. I have fairly long lashes so I am always on the hunt for a volumizing mascara that fattens up my lashes while still providing length and Revlon Lash Potion comes close.

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The first coat does a pretty good job of separating and providing good length and volume. The second coat however, I started getting clumps so I didn’t even try a third coat and I wouldn’t suggest it. I tried the waterproof version and happily got no flaking or smudging.  Strangely though, I think  it makes my lashes look a tiny bit crunchy but they don’t feel that way at all, maybe it’s the strengthening formula? I’ve been wearing it for over a week and haven’t noticed any damage to my lashes so I think we’re safe. A waterproof makeup remover does the trick with no extra effort.

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Retails for about $7.99 at drug and grocery stores nationwide.

Bottom Line: good volume and length and easy removal. Still, I’m not quite satisfied with the “crunchy” look to my lashes, but then you may not be as picky as me or have the same problem.


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  1. Love the packaging the most super pretty. I hate crunchy lases too though.

  2. I haven’t read a glowing review of this yet.