Frugal Friday – RoC Nourish Stress Repair Skin Care + Stress Relieving Tips!




We all have enough stress in our busy lives don’t we?  And you thought it would get easier after 40?? Hah! Now there’s retirement to plan for in an failing economy, grand kids to take care of, and health issues popping up. While we don’t often think about how stress affects our skin, it most certainly does.  Worry, lack of sleep and not enough water (moisture) all show up on your faces.

According to a January 2012 study released by the American Psychological Association, one in four women acknowledges they are not doing enough when it comes to managing their stress.

  Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone that causes clogged pores and inflammation.  When collagen becomes inflamed, the skin’s matrix breaks down and results in a wrinkle.

 Stressed, inflamed skin can also become dry and itchy as a result of poor circulation cause by constricting blood vessels, which makes moisturizing essential.

As a result of stress wreaking havoc on their skin, women are looking for answers.  According to dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer, “My patients often come to me concerned about how their stressful lifestyles are affecting their skin – and rightly so. Studies have shown that increased stress levels can weaken skin’s moisture barrier which leads to dehydrated skin, accelerating the signs and look of aging. I encourage patients to consider products that help strengthen the skin’s defenses and combat stress-related aging.”

The new RoC ®MULTI CORREXION® NOURISH Stress Repair collection, is made for busy stressed out women–like us! It is also one of the retinol-free products RoC offers. The collection consists of the RoC® MULTI CORREXION® NOURISH Stress Repair Night Cream and Eye Cream (both $24.99). These products are are clinically proven to reverse the look of stress-related aging and unwind wrinkles while nourishing dehydrated skin for a more youthful, radiant look.

The night cream is rich and creamy, upon first glance I was convinced it would be TOO rich for my summer combo skin, but I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed. I put it on, went to turn off the TV in the living room and viola, it had already sunk in! I was also happy I had no oil slick on my forehead in the morning.  Those of you with dry skin will love it!

The eye cream is very, very nice. Lightweight but absorbent is makes a wonderful base for concealer and seems to hydrate throughout most of the day. The texture isn’t greasy so your mascara and eyeliner doesn’t smudge underneath your eyes–always a plus 🙂 I’ve been using this twice a day for about two weeks and while I can’t say my crow’s feet have lessened, my undereye area is smoother and hydrated. I like the smoothness of the cream and how well it absorbs. That, combined with the $24.99 price tag gets my recommendation for a frugal skin care staple!

If you are sensitive to retinol, I recommend giving  RoC® MULTI CORREXION® NOURISH Stress Repair Night Cream and Eye Cream a try and stop stressing out!

Here are some stress relievers that work for me:

Deep Breathing – it relaxes the muscles, quiets the mind and you can do it anywhere!

Guided Imagery – I tried meditation and found it difficult to concentrate on “nothing.” Guided imagery lets you focus on just one thing thereby not allowing stressors to enter your mind. Kinda like going to your ‘happy place.’

Exercise – I hate it, but it is a tension reliever, especially if you’re doing you like, like a sport, dance class, etc. It’s a good distraction and is good for you too.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – I know this sound weird, but I practiced it in yoga and it works! Start by tensing all the muscles in your face, holding a tight grimace ten seconds, then completely relaxing for ten seconds. Repeat this with your neck, followed by your shoulders, etc. As you practice, you’ll  relax more quickly and easily, reducing tension as quickly as it starts!

Sex – you already knew this didn’t you? As a single woman in her 50’s, I just wish I had more!


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