Frugal Friday: Softsoap Summer Limited Edition Washes

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Softsoap has two new limited edition body washes perfect for a summer beach escape even if you don’t live by the beach!

Pacific Sunset Refreshing Citrus is great for a citrus lover like me. It has an energizing burst of citrus mixed with a nice sweetness. The scent reminds me a bit of my childhood in Southern California when the land was still full of orange and grapefruit trees.

Maui Coconut Splash is a delightful mix of lime and coconut that takes me straight to Maui and a Pina Colada on the beach. The addition of lime to the coconut keeps it from staying into that plastic-y synthetic smell. If you enjoy coconut scents, you might also want to try Coconut Island Quench, a highly moisturizing wash that leaves skin nicely hydrated.

Both of these body washes provide a surprising amount of creamy lather for a drugstore shower gel and the scents are on par with Bath and Body Works or Sephora collections. Neither leave my skin feeling stripped or dry, also surprising for a drugstore body wash.

Softsoap Pacific Sunset Refreshing Citrus and Maui Coconut Splash are limited edition and only available until September. They retail for $3.48 each at Walmart stores.

Bottom Line: these body washes smell like summer and yummy tropical drinks. The scent is strong enough that they will fill your bathroom for about a half hour but not cling to your skin long enough to interfere with your perfume. At $3.48 for a generous 18 oz., they are a steal!!


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  1. Hmmm….these seem like great products to try out. The scents are interesting. I’ll def check this out.