Frugal Friday With Hard Candy–It’s Not Just for Kids!

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Don’t let the glittery display at your local WarMart fool you beauties, there are some real gems in the Hard Candy line up for us more ‘mature’ women too. In fact, a few new additions to the line have me giddy with all the added change (and dollars) clanging around in my purse.

First up on my Hard Candy list is World Balmination. How clever is that name? These are glossy tinted lip balms in 8 shades that melt into your lips. I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the sad, sad story of “Cindy’s Gross and Disgusting Lip Fiasco-Summer of 2011.” Hard Candy World Balmination has helped me through.  These come in cute clear packaging each with own motif–they remind me of Urban Decay. I tried #408 Bridal Blush (um, yeah that’s been awhile ago) and I really don’t notice any color to speak of–it looks pretty clear but quite glossy and feels really, really moisturizing. World Balmination iwill not deliver a lot of color–it’s very sheer with just a tiny hint of color, it will deliver a lot of glossy shine and hydration. There is no waxy or gloppy feel–it glides very smoothly on the lips, making me want to rub my lips together all day. They have a sugar and lemon scent that’s not cloying. There is one weird thing–the balm is extended half way up already and I’m always worried I’m going to break it off–for some reason these are not made to retract all the way back in. That is not going to keep me from purchasing more though–I love the way this balm feels.  And here’s the best part–Hard Candy World Balmination retails for only $3 dollas!! That’s only 300 cents. These are cheap enough to have one in the car, your purse, your office and the kitchen. Don’t ask me why the kitchen–it’s a long story. 

Also new to the line is Stay In Line Liner, a mechanical eyeliner with a smudger on one end and an eyeliner on the other. This self-sharpening retractable liner allows for a precision line and applies rather smoothly for a drugstore brand. Stay In Line Liner is infused with lash growth serum (genius) but I don’t use it often enough to actually evaluate it’s effectiveness. There are six shades, ranging from basic to shimmering. I tried #398, Black Pearl Sparkle and I love it! It has just enough sparkle to give a nice pop without being in-your-face glittery.

Other shades available are :

  • Black Magic–basic black
  • Baby Brown Sparkle–I will definitely pick this up next time I’m at Walmart
  • Luminous Sparkle–a pretty silver I need to check out
  • Santorini-a bright turquioise
  • Sigali-a bright purple

Um, yeah. This was supposed to look like a piece of hard candy but it looks more like an obese spider

I had no issues with flaking or smudging or disappearing before it should.  Overall I’m quite happy with my $5, YES only $5! Black Pearl Sparkle liner thank you very much! The only downside I see is the limited selection–however, Hard Candy has lotsof other eyeliner choices–Take Me Out Liner in cream, molten metal & glitter and Walk The Line liquid liner.

Do not be afraid! Bravely go where no *ahem* mature woman has been before–to the Hard Candy aisle at WalMart! Go, seek, find treasures galore! But seriouslu, Hard Candy has some awesome products and even more awesome prices! The next thing I’m going to try are the Kal-eye-descope baked eye shadow duos for uh, $6–that’s right you heard me $6 buck-aroos! I’ve also heard great things about the Visibly Wet glossy lip pencils ($6), the Sheer Envy primers ($8) and the Blush Crush marbelized baked blushes ($7). Geez Louise, it makes me want to go grocery shopping and trust me I NEVER want to go grocery shopping. Just think about how many hours per week you’ve spent grocery shopping and times that by how many years you’ve been grocery shopping–for me it’s about 3,640 hours to date or 9.97 YEARS! Next time you go to Walmart make it worth your while and pick up some Hard Candy!!!!!

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  1. “It looks more like an obese spider” ha ha! I need that lip balm…

  2. LMAO 300 cents… that’s just 300 pennies!

  3. That pencil is especially great. I’m not a huge pencil fan but I really like that one and the prices are fabulous!

  4. Your “obese spider” cracked me up! But to be honest…that is what I initially thought! Need to check out Hard Candy now!

  5. I love Hard Candy stuff. I’ll probably still be wearing glitter eyeliner when I’m 50 or 60 – I don’t see myself ever not wearing it. And I have a bunch of their eyeshadows and blush. I’m really picky with my lip balms, though, but I will have to check out theirs, although $3 is pricey for me – my favorite is the blue chapstick, which is like 97 cents, but it works better than anything else I’ve tried.


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  3. […] Beauty discovers thatHard Candy isn’t just for kids and it’s low calorie […]