Get The Look: Nailing It At The Oscars!

For my Pre-Oscar coverage I watched E News! with Giuliana Racsic and Kelly Osbourne. They brought back the “mani-cam” – a tiny camera where the celebrities can strut their manicures. Here are a few that struck my fancy and how you can get the look with Duri Nail Polish for only $6!

Jen Hudson

Jennifer Hudson was stunning in a blue sequined gown and paired the look with a solid hue for her nails.  Get the look with Duri’s How to Pick a Winner – a deep mariner’s greyish blue. Look at that gorgeous ring!

Stacy K

Stacy Keibler showed off a metallic shimmer manicure.  Duri’s lunar glitter polish with pink undertones wins The Big Score to nail her look. I adored Stacy’s dress–it was stunning on her too. She looked so very Art Deco and the sheer back was so sexy! Of course her best accessory was George Clooney!

Jackie W

Jacki Weaver from Silver Linings Playbook made an entrance in and fire engine red nail polish.  Duri takes this Sweetheart‘s style with their own bright red hue. That’s some serious bling!

Kerry W

Kerry Washington dazzled in a bright coral dress and toned down her manicure by adding a coat of shimmer over her Olivia Pope signature Washing-“tone”-ian nude polish.  Create your own Scandal by layering Duri’s clear shimmer Icicle polish over the nude Satin Treat.

Do you have a favorite nail “look?”

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