Gift time just got better with TOUGH AS A MOTHER jewelry

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Whether you are looking for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or a beautiful graduation gift TOUGH AS A MOTHER has what you need and can afford. Their beautiful, delicate jewelry is sure to be a winner and help crown you as the best gift giver.

Here’s what I’ll be giving my Daughter-In-Law on Sunday and I am excited to be able to do so.

Tough as a Mother “Cool Mama” – Mom Necklace – Chalcedony Stone

Why did I pick this one since they have so many beautiful pieces? My DIL is a petite beauty and never wears anything flashy. She loves simple jewelry that is about her personality and her exquisite taste. The blueish chalcedony stone “ties back to staying cool, calm and collected – even under the pressure of motherhood.”

During these stressful times I believe this is a perfect gift and so does Tough As A Mother:

Chalcedony Stone Meaning

Parenting can be full of anxiety, doubt, and fear. But this chalcedony stone necklace calms our racing minds, balances our thoughts, and increases communication between ourselves and others to help us find a clear path forward, no matter the circumstance.

Chalcedony stone meaning includes:

  • Calming
  • Reduces Fear, Anger, Doubt
  • Helps with communication and finding balance

This Cool Mama necklace has a 14K gold filled delicate chain that is 18″. Some of the other choices have 16″ chains.

Cool Mama Chalcedony Stone Necklace

There are 3 Gemstone necklaces in this collection all at just $39.99 (see my code below). Beside this lovely Chalcedony is the Labradorite stone which is said to

  • Clears worries
  • Enhances intuitive abilities
  • Protects from negativity
  • Promotes strength & perseverance

And the crystal Clear Quartz which promotes -Positive Energy – Perseverance – Patience – Balance.

Not only would any one of these be one you could give with pride but consider these for graduation or baby shower gifts. In addition Tough As A Mother has great initial and MAMA necklaces but these gemstones are unique and not something anyone else will know about. Your surprise will be safe and welcome.

Now for the best part – a 30% discount will bring the price down to just $28. You can NOT go wrong with TOUGH AS A MOTHER. It’s a gift you’ll love, one that will be admired and most of all cherished.

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