Givenchy Coutour Makeup Palette Brightened My Day!

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A few weekends ago I was having tummy problems and ended up sitting on the couch on a Saturday nursing a stomach ache. Whenever I’m sick at home, I watch QVC. I should KNOW better, as it always leads to impulse purchases. This time it was the Givenchy Coutour Makeup Palette because everyone knows makeup cures stomach aches–duh!

On this particular weekend, QVC was doing a live show in the Hamptons called Beauty with Benefits to benefit Cancer and Careers. Cancer and Careers is a program dedicated to empowering and educating people with cancer to help them thrive in their workplace. 80% of the purchase price of all qualifying products (donated by your favorite beauty brands) benefit Cancer and Careers.

One of the featured products in the show was the Givenchy Coutour Makeup Palette. This little Givenchy gem was on sale for only $23! I do believe this palette is a few years old. I think it actually debuted as a holiday palette–I know I’ve seen it before because I almost purchased it but the price deterred me. Now at $23 I HAD to have it!

The portable palette features a trio of couture-inspired makeup must-haves: Teint Couture Pressed Powder Foundation in Elegant Sand, four shades of Le Prisme Eye Shadows, and two Prismissime Lip and Cheek Stains. Though small, (about the size of my IPhone 7) the palette is beautifully presented with a leather-like top lined in gold and a gold button close.

Inside is a ‘jewel box’ of silky shades for face, eyes and lips. On the far left is a translucent setting powder that matches my pale skin perfectly. So well, in fact, I didn’t bother to take pics because you couldn’t see it! While this is good news for me, it may well be a waste for someone with darker skin. Next are the stunning eye shadows:

  • A sparkling, shimmery carbon black
  • A matte burgundy
  • A luminous champagne
  • A glimmering icy pink

Next to the shadows are two Le Prismissme Lip and Cheek colors: a soft coral red and a medium creamy pink. Both have good color payoff and are easy to use. They are softer than they appear in the pan and to my surprise, I LOVE the coral red shade.

For this look I used the creamy champagne eye shadow shade as an all-over wash from brow to lash line, the burgundy shade on the lid, the icy pink on the inner 1/3 of lid and inner corner and the sparkling grey/black shade on the crease and under the lower lash line. The coral shade is on lips.


This time getting sick paid off! I’m glad I happened to turn to QVC to find this little Givenchy Gem. Sorry, though it is currently sold out at QVC.

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  1. Oh I’m already in love with this palette! Those colors look amazing on you! You mentioned ordering via QVC, is it available on another source? Perhaps online?

  2. I love the look of this palette, especially the cover, so pretty! Watching tv is the best way to recover when feeling ill! Hope you’re better

  3. You always look great in coral lipstick and this one is so soft and pretty. The colors in this palette are very pretty and what a great price!

  4. That is a great palette -regardless of when it came out- and at $23, it’s a steal! I also like the fact that it was part of the Cancer and Careers program- I love seeing large companies give back!!

  5. Never would have thought that Givenchy can make a palette this lovely! I love the colors, everything’s just perfect for your everyday look.

  6. I just bought my first contour set. I can’t wait to try it. Love the eyeshadow on you.

  7. Ayana Pitterson says

    These colors are beautiful, and looks like they can be worn on any complexion. I was not aware that Givenchy made makeup so I have definitely learned something new today. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Journa Ramirez says

    Givenchy is one of the most trusted brands. That palette is so lovely. I love the colors because they’re so simple!

  9. Emily Moon says

    How pretty! I’ve never tried anything from Givenchy but I would love to sometime!

  10. Crystal Mendez says

    oh wow! Beautiful colors. I love buying new makeup and trying it on with what I have at home.

  11. Jeanine @ says

    So many gorgeous colours! I really wish I could get more into make up, because I would love to own some of these!

  12. Gorgeous palette! These colors look great on you!

  13. Brandi Puga says

    I love shimmery pallets! This is exactly what I have been loooking for to replace a pallet that I was in love with for years and finally wore out!