Go Chrome With Sally Hansen New Limited Edition Salon Chrome™ Kits!

The chrome look now comes home with Sally Hansen Salon Chrome™. The leader in creating salon-inspired nail innovation at home, Sally Hansen has captured one of the biggest social media nail trends of 2017 and will introduce the first DIY nail kit to ever launch in the US for the ultimate #chromenails. This trend has exploded recently and has been seen everywhere from street style to style icons, with over 385,000 posts on Instagram alone, but was previously only achieved with UV light and a lengthy application process.

The limited-edition Sally Hansen Salon Chrome™ kits will be available in 5 trending shades:

  • Rose Gold: The hottest jewelry & design trend finds its corresponding nail shade

  • Peacock: This purple-blue metallic tells an exotic and playful story

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit in “Holographic,” $30, exclusively at Ulta.com and includes Sally Hansen’s opaque black Miracle Gel polish.

  • Gunmetal: “Shine-on” in this futuristic reflective charcoal shade

  • Mermaid: Evolve in the moment with this green-purple from under the sea

Each Sally Hansen Salon Chrome™ kit contains Chrome powder, Special Effect Top Coat and Sponge Applicator. Get ready to show off your “Instaglam” nails and watch the “likes” rack up.

Follow these steps using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel® for straight-forward and fun DIY, at-home application and easy, soak-free removal with the use of regular nail polish remover:

  1. Apply two thin coats of Miracle Gel in Blacky O (for Peacock, Holographic, Gunmetal and Mermaid looks) or Miracle Gel in Frill Seeker (for Rose Gold look) and allow to dry until tacky, 2-3 minutes.
  2. Dip included Applicator into Chrome Powder & rub a small amount onto surface of nail in a back & forth motion using light pressure; watch effect appear!
  3. Apply one thin coat of Special Effect Top Coat & allow to completely dry for 5 minutes.
  4. Seal with one coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat.*

The new Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kits in Mermaid, Rose Gold, Peacock and Gunmetal are available on Target.com for $20 each.  The Sally Hansen Salon Chrome kit in Holographic can be exclusively found at Ulta stores and on Ulta.com in October for $30. This exclusive large kit includes the Miracle Gel Black-y O Base Coat and Miracle Gel Top Coat.


Have you tried Chrome Nail yet?

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  1. OMG Peacock and Mermaid are like my dream colors! I love having my toes usually shades of varying blacks to blues and I’ll have to add these to my collection.

  2. These colors are beautiful! Sally Hansen always has the best nail polish colors!! Love this post

  3. You got some pretty pictures for this. I have bottle pictures and was trying to decide what to buy. I wonder how long the manicure will last.

  4. I agree, very beautiful photos! Will check them out

  5. I’ve always been curious about that dip because I haven’t tried it before! I think this kit is perfect for beginners like me. The colors are pretty amazing!

  6. I’ve never used this, but I used Sally Hansen products as a kid. I love the fun colors. I’m starting to see more people with those types of metallic shades.

  7. I really love these metallics. I love Sally Hansen because I know that I can do it. Her products and directions are typically seamless.

  8. Oh I hope we get these kits in Canada soon!!! I love this look especially Hologram and the Rose gold. Sally Hansen does such a terrific job of making things straight forward and idiot-proof, lol. I always feel confident when I buy their products that I am going to like them. I swear by their Insta-dry topcoat in the red bottle it’s the best I’ve found low end or high end. Thanks for the terrific post Cindy.

  9. I’ve never used Sally Henson chrome colors, but my daughter picked out a few chrome colors last year, one similar to the peacock color. They were awesome! I think chrome are my favorites when it comes to polish.

  10. KoKoa Magazine says

    I just these kits at Target this week. I love the colors and I love Sally Hansen polish. Definitely getting a kit or two or three.

  11. I don’t wear ‘colorful’ nail polish that much because my nails are forever short and square shaped. But, that Peacock color is GORGEOUS!

  12. I need the Holographic kit in my life!

  13. I rarely paint my nails anymore, but this is so pretty. I love the chrome colors and would probably start painting my nails more if I can find this at my store.

  14. I wish i could grow my nails. I keep seeing these in Target and want to try. Love the colors.

  15. These chrome colors are so beautiful and I think they are really festive for the upcoming holidays. I’m going to have to share these with my nail technician.

  16. Mackenzie Jervis says

    These colors are awesome. I have a hard time finding nail polish I like so I’ll have to go look for these.

  17. Firenze McCowald says

    No, I haven’t tried (or even heard of) these Sally Hansen kits yet, but I totally want the Peacock and Mermaid looks – they are just amazing!

  18. I love the look of the Rose Gold! I may just have to try this sometime soon to go with my Fall colors.

  19. These are awesome! I thought they were decals but it makes it so much more great that they are actually polish. I would love to try these at home with my oldest daughter.