Peach and Gold Nail Art!

Today I am swapping posts with Lisa of My Stunning Nails. I’m so excited to bring you a post from Lisa. I am not a nail enthusiast but she is and can do amazing things with her nails! I am so appreciative of her post because I feel it not only gives the blog a fresh […]

Frugal Friday Sample Size Mascaras

Mascara review from Marcia of Beauty Info Zone Today’s guest post is from Marcia at Beauty Info Zone and is all about those mini mascaras that we receive through gift with purchases , codes and bonuses when purchasing items. Sephora is a good source for these with their point system and their codes plus brands […]

Frugal Friday with Beauty Info Zone

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone has two great frugal finds for us today.  One of the greatest cosmetic inventions is eyeshadow primer. Now I know you are probably shaking your head and wondering why Prime Beauty would invite someone to guest post about something you already know about but I have two eye primers to share […]

Avoid Makeup Meltdown -Guest Post from The Pink Sith

  Today I’m featuring a guest post from my one of my favorite bloggers ever to walk this earth.  The Pink Sith has a few items that will save you from Makeup Meltdown.  Click here to see what items she think will help you “save face” this Summer! Enjoy!

Bring the Spa Home!

New Advances in Home Skincare Bring the Spa to You Today’s post comes from Carleen at Beauty and Fashion Tech and her newly acquired fashion blog Just for Trendy Girls, which she is currently fixing up. As our journey to the fountain of youth continues, technology has made major advances in home skincare. This has […]

Frugal Friday – Hard Candy Piece of Paypaya

This week I’m excited to bring you a guest post from my friend, the lovely Polarbelle.  She started out as an artist and  eventually her love of color turned to painting faces and nails with the appreciation of color in fashion. It’s a great pleasure to be here as a guest blogger for Prime Beauty and […]

November Birchbox – Did It Make Marcia’s Heart Go Pitter Pat?

Today’s post is from my very good friend Marcia over at Beauty Info Zone.  She has excellent taste in cosmetics, is a sweet as pie and is beauty-sample-box-addicted. My guest post today for Prime Beauty is another subscription box since I’m slightly (ahem) addicted to them. I’ve subscribed to Birchbox for over a year now, as […]

Frugal Friday – Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara

Guest Post by Marcia from Beauty Info Zone. If you are willing to take a chance on a $3 mascara then I have one that you might like. Jordana BEST Lash Extreme seems to be one of those “your mileage may vary” products. I first learned of it on a beauty chatroom when someone raved about it […]