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Hairstory is a brand created by Eli Halliwell (of Bumble and bumble fame), which has a totally unique philosophy when it comes to hair care. Eli did a lot of research and came up with surprising results – including that shampoo is the worst thing for our hair. Also, the best hairdressers in the world use a maximum of six products. Hairstory is challenging the norms within the hair industry with its capsule collection of DETERGENT FREE cleansers and an edited line of styling products. The brand’s hero product is their New Wash cleanser which is an all-in-one product that replaces shampoo and conditioner, cleansing the hair of impurities but retaining its natural oils.

How is New Wash Different?

To understand how New Wash is different from shampoos, you first have to understand how detergents work. All detergents are made from chemically bonded amphiphilic substances, meaning they have one side that loves water and one side that loves oil. The oil-loving side attaches itself to the oil and dirt on your head (which is good,) but when you rinse, the water-loving side clings firmly onto water and strips more oil than it should as the soap runs down the drain (which is bad.)

New Wash also cleans with amphiphilic substances, but theirs are naturally derived. The oil-loving side is just as strong as detergent, but the water-loving side is much, much weaker. So when you rinse your head, you only pull away excess oil (and not all of your oil,) since the bond isn’t strong enough to pull away more.

Which One is Right For Me?

There are 3 types of New Wash: Original, Deep and Rich. The Hairstory website has a quick quiz to determine which wash is right for you. The quiz asks questions like how you currently wash your hair, how often, your hair texture and what a bad day looks like.

New Wash Deep was recommended for my color-treated, very fine, limp hair. The detergent-free formula washes hair without stripping. Instead, it uses a blend of essential oils and naturally-derived saturated cleansers. The Deep version adds apple cider vinegar and argan oil to the formula to give you a boost when it comes to tackling dirt and built up product.

This product isn’t like any other co-wash I’ve tried. Years ago I tried WEN and it weighed my hair down terribly, and with others my hair didn’t feel clean. However, I love the idea of one product that cleanses, conditions, detangles and repairs. Deep Wash does all that and doesn’t weigh my down or leave a residue. Plus, I never realized that I scratched my scalp so much until I didn’t anymore!

How To Use

As with any co-wash type product you’re not going to get lather so don’t be disappointed. Wet your hair, coat your hair all over with New Wash, then massage your scalp like crazy, like your arm gets sore crazy. Finish your shower routine (leave on for at least 1 minute) and then rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse again. The brand recommends using your hands like squeegees to remove the cream, then rinse it out completely. Be patient, it takes quite a while to get it rinsed clean but I find that with most co-wash products. There is a brush available ($10) to help massage the scalp. The bristles are soft enough to feel great – yet stiff enough to do the job. They promote blood circulation for more vigorous growth and less hair loss, remove dandruff and impurities, and protect the scalp from fingernails.  I love using it!

How Often Should I Use It?

You can use New Wash every time you wash your hair whether it’s once a week, every day or three times a day. Over time you might find that you don’t need to cleanse as much as you used to because your scalp will stop over-producing oils caused by the prolonged use of detergents.


Although my hair didn’t feel as clean as I’m used to, it looked great. I think maybe the first time I didn’t rinse enough. There is a bit of a learning curve with New Wash. It takes time to get used to the new washing style. Some people go through a ‘transition period’ where their hair feels greasy. This is normal and is just your hair and scalp getting used to this new way of washing. If it happens, it should only last a week or so. I found the more I used it the better my hair looked. It definitely is soft and has more volume so I’m happy with that.

New Wash has a pearl-clutching price of $40 but when you consider you only need one product vs. 2 or even 3 it makes the cost more reasonable.

Hairstory New Wash is 100% biodegradable. Hover over the ingredient list on the website and you can read exactly what each ingredient is and why it’s used. PLUS, the brand gives back to 1% for the planet.

Hairstory also has a subscription club which saves you money as well as saving the planet through a refill dispenser and thus, less packaging. 

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