Happy 4th of July and Don’t Forget the Neutrogena Sunscreen!



The 4th of July is the kick-off to summer celebrations. Beach days, BBQs and fireworks shows. Whether you’re frolicking in the sand, surf or backyard,  don’t forget: sunscreen is the absolute-must accessory through it all. Yes, even when you are traveling via car. Did you know UVA rays can pass through glass windows and cloudy skies? This makes it all the more important to use effective sun protection every day, no matter what! Neutrogena has a fabulous selection of sunscreens for every possible situation and everyone in the family!

Keep in mind these things with your favorite sunscreen alongside you this July 4.

Red: avoid sunburn

o   Lotions, sprays, sticks – pick your protection! You should want to wear your sunscreen, so pick something that suits your lifestyle.

o   The number one cause of premature skin aging and skin cancer is sun exposure. That tan is not worth the damage, trust me I’ve had too many basal cell carcinomas to know!

o   If you don’t believe us, take this as an example: sunscreen was applied to half of this apple and left in UV exposure. Look at the difference! http://dev.rprmc.com/public/Apple%20Imagery.pdf

Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Stick SPF 70Beach Defense Sunscreen Stick SPF 50     

White: apply sunscreen

o   1 ounce x 2 hours = optimal protection.

o   The FDA defines a single sunscreen application for the whole body as one ounce. In reality, people do not typically apply that much, so higher level SPFs provide a safeguard against under-application.

o   According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, lower SPFs provide less protection, and over time, the cumulative effect of sun exposure is significant. That’s why SPF 30+ formulas are very valuable in preventing sun damage. I NEVER use less than 30 SPF even if I’m only going to be in the sun a short time.


Blue: take a dip with water-resistant protection

o   Selecting a water-resistant sunscreen allows you to retain the SPF value, even when wet. But don’t forget – you still have to apply every two hours, no matter what!

Wet Skin Spray SPf 85


So go on, celebrate the birthday of the US but PLEASE wear sunscreen and be safe!!

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