Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Prime Beauty wishes you and your Mother the happiest of days today!

 My mother was a very classy lady. She loved good skin care, perfume, makeup and was a clothes horse. Yep, that’s where I got it from! 

Beauty tips I learned from my mother:

  •  Use a good night cream. My mother ALWAYS used a good night cream. It don’t remember the exact name–it came in a white porcelain jar with a gold finial on the lid and a delicate gold base. It was only available at I Magnin, I think it might have been Madame Borghese?
  • Stick with what works for you. My mom had coloring like mine and she prefered warm, red/orange lipsticks. Probably the beginning of my coral obsession!
  • Never go to bed with your makeup on. I’m not quite sure if this was to teach me good skin care habits or if she got sick of washing my dirty pillowcases. Even my dad encouraged me to remove my makeup. He hated it when I slept in my mascara and would wake up with it smudged all over–I think he thought it looked “loose.” 

Did your mother give you any beauty tips? What were they? Let’s share!!

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  1. My mother never gave me any beauty tips despite being once an Avon lady! No idea why she ever became one in the first place! I was obsessed with beauty products from an early age and still am today.

    Stick to what works for you is a great tip; I remember as I teenager I tried looks from celebs like Madonna never once thinking it might not suit my hair and complexion, looking a clown as a result.