New! Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette

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Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette

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Have you ever tried a beauty product and not known exactly how to feel about it? This is my dilemma with the Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette, $8. There are some things I like about and some, not so much. All of which I will share in this review.

As a fan of Hard Candy and all things sci-fi and space related, I was curious to try a palette inspired by the “mesmerizing glow of the cosmos.” I’m also a fan of the shimmery, metallic eye trends you see on the runway and all over Instagram. The Galactic Eyes Palette delivers on both with 10 shimmer shadows. They can be worn alone or layered.

Galactic Eyes Palette – Packaging

Galactic Eyes Palette Packaging

Before I dive into the colors and how they perform, let’s talk about the packaging. The holographic lettering and graphic on the cover remind me of the Urban Decay Vice Palette from a few years ago.

The one thing I don’t like about the Galactic Eyes Palette packaging is how hard it is to open. It takes so much effort that I feel like I’m going to break a nail every time I use it. I know for the price I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve never had so much trouble with a Hard Candy product before. I will say that the included double-ended brush is a nice add-on. It does a nice job during application and blending.

The Shadows

Galactic Eyes Palette Shadows

I was very impressed by the color payoff of the shadows in the Galactic Eyes Palette. As you can see by the finger and brush swatches, the color payoff is similar regardless of application technique. However, some of the shadows are harder to work with than others. Although they are all shimmers, some have a harder texture, while others are softer. This doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish a beautiful, shimmery look. You just have to keep this in mind when creating bold, galactic eyes.

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette Swatches

I found some of the shades, like meteor, constellation and shooting star, require a tap/rub motion to pick up color on my brush. This same motion was also required during application. Other shadows, like retrograde, nebula and eclipse, only needed a light touch to pick up and apply the shadow. I would also not recommend trying to build up too much with the softer shadows or you will really feel it on your lids. It’s hard to describe, but it’s almost like a heaviness.

Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette Looks

Regardless, I was still able to create a wide variety of looks with the Galactic Eyes Palette, even with the extra effort. I can go with a bold a green and gold eye or indulge my love for purple and blue. If I want something softer, I can create a shimmery, smoky brown eye.

The color payoff and lasting power of this highly affordable, cruelty-free palette is perfection. I also have zero issue with creasing, with or without primer. I used a regular eye primer, but I would be curious to see how the shadows work with a glitter primer. Fall out was minimal as well, which really impressed me because you never know with shimmery, glittery shadows.

Galactic Eyes Palette Eye Look

Overall: If you already have a collection of shimmery, metallic shadows I would pass on this palette. Although it has a lot of great qualities, it’s not a must-have. However, if you are looking to experiment with some bold, shimmery eye looks without spending a lot, then I do suggest trying The Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette. At $8, it’s a great buy. While some of the shadows are a little hard to work with, the color payoff and wear time make the effort well worth it.



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  1. I saw this at Walmart a few weeks ago and almost oickednit up. Glad I didn’t, indo have other metallics/shimmers but like you said, price is good for those wanting to experiment!

  2. I saw this at Walmart a few weeks ago and almost oickednit up. Glad I didn’t, indo have other metallics/shimmers but like you said, price is good for those wanting to experiment!