The Jonny Bag – a Great Gift For the Traveler!


For those of you that travel for business or pleasure, I’ve found a great gift you gals I think you’ll really enjoy knowing about.

The Jonny Bag is designed to help women tote around toiletries and cosmetics as they travel conveniently and privately. After all, I don’t need the TSA’s seeing the HUGE amount of products it takes to transform me into a “natural” beauty. The Jonny Bag is made up of two parts: An inner-bag, made of clear vinyl for TSA screenings, and an outer-cover that zips on top once you’re through. So, you can carry your toiletries around in a stylish bag!

No more showing off your personal stuff to prying eyes, and no more last-minute scrambles for a quart-sized bag. I love that the Jonny Bag also doubles as a purse. You can use to touch up your makeup in airport bathrooms after a long flight. This inner bag is 12″ wide, 7″ tall and 3″ deep and TSA compliant. It actually holds a lot of product with room left over for a wallet, keys, etc.

Jonny Bag inner plastic bag

There are 5 handles to choose from on the inner plastic bag; plastic, gold, bamboo, tortoise and beaded. There are also 6 designs for the outer cover; Damask in black and taupe and floral in pink, blue, mint and cinnamon.  The nice people at Jonny Bag sent me the inner bag with gold handles and the pink floral outer cotton bag.

Jonny bag outer cover

The outer cover has a zipper to make it easy to take out the inner plastic bag.

Jonny bag outer cover

The Jonny bag is very affordable, $17 for the inner bag and $17 for the outer bag—just $34 for the set, plus free shipping at

More and more places are or are starting to require clear bags, NFL games for one example. As long you have to comply, do it in style with the Jonny Bag!



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  1. What a cute bag! I love the pattern and colors!


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