Hourglass Eye Shadow Duo in Dune – Beauty All Star

I’m not quite sure this is what Hourglass Cosmetics had in mind when they created the Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Dune but this is what I immediately envisioned.  Betcha didn’t think we had sand dunes here in the Pacific Northwest did ‘ya?  Well we do and I believe they are made that much more beautiful by the juxtaposition of the soft sand against the rigidness of the pine trees in the distance.  

One side of the duo is a shimmery beige that mimics the smooth sand glinting in the sun while the other is a deep olive green with black undertones that emulates the beachgrass swaying in the breeze. Not only do these shades naturally compliment each other, but they are also the quality we’ve come to expect from the Hourglass Cosmetics brand. These shadows don’t crease, fade or disappear midday. In fact, I didn’t even use a primer and they stayed put all day! They are highly pigmented, the texture silky smooth and they blend like a dream–a beach nap perhaps?

I don’t normally wear green eye shadow but I thought I should step out of my comfort zone a bit and I’m so glad I did! Dune is a lovely combination, it’s great for those looking to ramp up a neutral look without going over the top. Dune is easily adaptable too; it can give a polished sophisticated look or go all out sultry for that eagerly anticipated date night. I opted for this daytime look: the beige champagne side all over the lid, olive green in the crease and to line with. Karen from makeupandbeautyblog went decidely more smoky. You can see how Dune how lends itself toward both day and nightime looks.

What are your thoughts beauties? Would you try Dune?

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  1. This looks lovely on your eyes. I’m on the lookout for a new mascara and/or lash enhancer/lengthener. What are you wearing in this photo? Your lashes look amazing, too! Thanks!

    • Shelly, I honestly don’t remember what mascara I was wearing, but if you want SUPER long lashes with volume, you’ve GOT to try the new mascara by Too Faced. It’s called Better Than False Lashes and it is! I did a review on it, do a search to see the before and after pics!! It’s available at Sephora and sephora.com as well as toofaced.com

  2. I just got this and I love it. The shadows are so silky.

  3. It’s absolutely gorgeous on you, Cindy!! I will definitely be looking for this one. Come to think of it, I buy a lot of what I see on your blog. 🙂

  4. WOW those colors are gorgeous! Love this palette!


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