How to Glow From Top to Toe with Pixi Beauty!

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Pixi Bodytreats

I am constantly looking for ways to help with my keratosis pilaris. Keratosis Pilaris is rough, dry patches of skin caused when dead skin cells clog pores. The most common areas affected are upper arms and thighs. As I’ve gotten older and my skin has become drier, I’ve been plagued by it.

Since keratosis pilaris is caused by plugged hair follicles, exfoliating can help clear things up. Glycolic Acid works great is deeply exfoliates and helps to turn over skin cells. Pixi Beauty has 3 glycolic acid products to give you smooth skin in 3 easy steps!

Pixi Bodytreats

Key ingredients are:

  • Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and brighten
  • Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates
  • Ginseng improves circulation and engergizes
  • Lactic Acid smoothes and softens
Pixi Bodytreats

Step 1: Pixi Bodytreats Glycolic Body Wash $18. I’ve tried other glycolic acid body washes but they were too strong and only made my dry skin worse. The addition of aloe vera in this keeps my skin hydrated and the ginseng helps to improve circulation which is important for keratosis pilaris.

Step 2: Pixi Bodytreats Glycolic Body Peel $24. This peel has tiny exfoliating beads to polish and resurface the skin. The formula also contains lactic acid to soften skin. I use my exfoliating gloves for an extra scrub.

Step 3: Pixi Bodytreats Glycolic Body Lotion $24. I love the way this lotion feels and smells terrific! Infused with a blend of grape seed oil, aloe and ginseng, it provides deep hydration while improving skin texture. It’s the perfect up to the body wash and peel for soft, smooth skin. The scent is so light and pretty!

Pixi Bodytreats

I’ve been using all 3 products every other day for two weeks and my skin has really improved! My skin feels softer and my bumps, though not gone are smoothed. With continued use I’m sure my skin will become even smoother! #pixibeauty

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