How To Wear Color With the New MAKE UP FOR EVER Technicolor Eye Shadow Palette!!

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Hearing the name of Make Up For Ever’s new eye shadow palette, Technicolor ($45), it is no stretch believing Dany Sans created it.  After all, when I interviewed her a few years ago, she told me the very first eye shadow in her product line was red! Her inspiration for this particular palette was The Wizard of Oz.

“Inspired by the 1930’s cinematic transition from black-and-white motion picture to color imagery, Technicolor Palette features bold, saturated colors that bring the eyes to life. Mix and match the eight shades to create highly pigmented, long-lasting looks that reflect any style or mood. This palette features three exclusive colors, including the season’s coveted yellow shade, along with a mirror and two round brushes for application on the go.”

I am VERY familiar with the Wizard of Oz. Although I enjoyed the movie when I was young, I was terrified of the flying monkeys. My daughter loved it, I mean the kid was OBSESSED! She knew all the words to ALL the songs, not just Over The Rainbow. She wore her “Dorothy shoes,” (red jelly pumps with silver glitter) to bed every night and when Halloween rolled around…you guessed it…Dorothy.  She was about four and went to pre-school while I was working. Every day after school, she wanted to watch The Wizard of Oz and I obliged. Back in the early 90’s we had VCR tapes not DVD’s. I would put the tape in and let her press the play button. One day when Mommy was in the kitchen, the littlest Prime Beauty decided to put her Wizard of Oz tape in herself and….taped over it. We now had 103 minutes of Night Court. Um, yeah four-year-olds don’t really have the proper appreciation for Night Court, ya’ know? You couldn’t just go to Target and buy a copy of The Wizard of Oz  back then and how I got another copy is a loooong story for another day. Back to the MUFE Technicolor palette.

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I know what your’e thinking and I can imagine the conversation might go like this:

YOU: Are you cray-cray with this BRIGHT palette?

ME: Uh, yeah but what does that have to do with The Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette?

YOU: You should know that as an over 40 woman I can’t wear color!!

ME: You can do whatever you want

YOU: Uh, helloooo, the name is TechniCOLOR!

ME: Yes but there are several neutral shades included in the palette

YOU: Oh yeah, like what crazy pants?

ME: (being extremely patient) Well, actually there are only 3 bold shades.

YOU: Don’t get snarky with me! Hmmm,really?

ME: Yes, there are 3 neutrals, 1 soft pastel and only 3 bold shades.


ME: Would you like me to show you how to wear this palette in an age appropriate way?

YOU: Sure, but hurry up because I don’t have much time.

ME: Yes, ma’am girlfriend! I enlisted the help of Make Up For Ever Director of Artistry, Jenn Karsten to help me show you a few ways to wear the Technicolor palette.

But first, let’s take a look at what’s in it. 8 eye shadows:

  • Neutrals: Black, White, Espresso and Yellow Beige
  • Pastel: Lilac
  • Bold: Yellow, Apple Green, Turquoise

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Here are Jenn’s suggestions for us Over 40’s and those that may be a little skittish of wearing color.


MUFE Face Chart


“ The Technicolor Palette is the perfect Spring collaboration of color and neutrals. I encourage all women to not stop at face value but mix colors and create to exercise the artist within all of us. My favorite trick with this palette is using the pop yellow mixed with the matte white or the shimmer beige to soften the intensity of the yellow. It is as simple as dipping into yellow then dipping into your white or beige then applying. This color works great on the lids or as a highlight under the brow arches. Next fave trick is with the blue and green. I love using a matte teal eye pencil like Aqua shadow #8E or Eye Khol 4K to lightly line upper and lower outer corners. Dip your brush into the lime green first then into the turquoise blue and pass this mixture right over the outer edges of the eye liner to softly smudge. The face chart really illustrates this well and also shows you where to place color to make sure the eyes look ”lifted” and youthful.”

“Another easy way to add some color is to use the bright orchid shade in the crease as a replacement for your basic brown. The face chart shows exactly where and how to pull this off. This color works great on everyone since it is a universal shade.”

“Pick your “pop color” and replace one of your staples with a fresh wash of cheerful color. Have fun but keep it you!”

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You can also go to the Makeup For Ever USA Facebook Page and see step-by-step instructions!

So how ’bout it beauties? Will you be experimenting with color this spring? Does the Makeup For Ever Technicolor Palette inspire you?

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