Hubalou Hair Wrap Towel A Must Have!

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I first saw this hair towel reviewed by Allison on Never Say Die Beauty and I was curious. I’ve been using my beat-up terry cloth microfiber towel for probably ten years and was ready for a something new.  This is what the website has to say:

“Made of sustainable bamboo fiber, the Hubalou Wrap minimizes heat dry time, prevents breakage and reduces frizz. The Hubalou Wrap is great for all hair types, and exceptionally helpful for naturally curly or brittle hair.”

The Hubalou is a large piece of 100% rayon fabric made from sustainable bamboo. It’s soft, lightweight, environmentally-friendly and comes in my favorite color–coral! The shape is similar to a hoody with a place for your head and loose ends. My old microfiber hair towel took a looong time to dry my hair and clung on to every bit of fuzz. My hair has a very fine texture so I wasn’t expecting much from the Hubalou, especially since it is so thin. Wow, was I wrong! This dries my hair in a snap and it doesn’t come out frizzy either. It takes about 10 minutes for my hair to dry in the Hubalou Wrap and for those late nights when you just want to take a shower and go straight to bed, you can even sleep in it! 

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There is a slight learning curve in tying it on properly and truthfully, I do wish it had an elastic loop to tuck the end in like my old one did. The ends don’t seem to stay tucked in for me, whether I tie it in the front or the back, so I resorted to using a hair clip from my VOLOOM.



I’m amazed at how much water the Hubalou absorbs! My hair dries quickly, eliminates frizz, is lightweight and is a good size.  The Hubalou retails for $24 and is available in four shades: purple, slate, petal (that’s mine) and twig (beige with sugar edge stitching). My Hubalou also cuts down my dryer time substantially which I like because it helps to prevent heat damage to my hair.

Here I am fresh out of the shower!

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Do you have a hair towel? Would you try one?

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  1. I never wrap my hair in a towel. I just get out of the shower, comb it and let it dry.

  2. I never wrap my hair in a towel. I just get out of the shower, comb it and let it dry.