Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients A-Z

Your comprehensive anti-aging ingredient list so you know what to look for in your skincare!

I Got a Game of Thrones Facial!

You may have heard of a Vampire facial but have you heard of the Game of Thrones Facial? Better known as an “enzyme & oxygen” treatment, my Esthetician, Kaye Kearns suggested it when I was complaining about the texture in my T-zone, my brown spots, dehydrated and dull skin. That’s just one reason I love Kaye, she […]

The Jojoba Company Natural Pigmentation Oil

My freckles used to be cute–they were one of my best features. My friends would tease me because the minute I got in the sun, they would pop out, scattered across my nose. As I’ve aged, my freckles have turned into brown blobs and they are not so cute anymore or limited to my nose. In fact, […]