Inglot Eye Shadows Have Me Dazed and Confused!!

 Several of my blogger friends have mentioned Inglot Cosmetics to me but I never really paid much attention since I had no access to the line.  When in LA last month, our group stopped by the Inglot store in Newport Beach. Wowza! Even a veteran makeup junkie like me was overwhelmed. In fact, I got a little verklempt.

Let me back up a bit and give you some history on Inglot. Inglot was established over 25 years ago by a young chemist named Wojtek Inglot who worked in research and development. His objective was to produce high quality products at reasonable prices using the best possible ingredients and raw materials using local suppliers. Wojtek Inglot is still involved in the formulation and design process of all the products.

I had heard that Inglot had an extensive line of colors; over 200 shades of eye shadow! What I wasn’t aware of until I was shopping in the Inglot store, was the high quality and the reasonable prices.  What self respecting makeup addict wouldn’t go crazy?? I think we were in the store for about an hour and I could have easily stayed there all day–there was sooooo much to look at! The other feature I went gaga over was the ‘Freedom’ palette system at Inglot.  Eye shadow, brow powder & wax, blush, powder, concealer and lip products are sold in round or square pans. Palettes can be purchased in several different sizes and configurations. There is no hinge–the bottom houses the pans and the top has 4 small magnets on the corners that holds the top in place–they fit snugly and will never fall open!

Inglot 4 square palette


My Inglot warm palette indoor light


Inglot Warm palette in sunlight

I chose warm shades for my first palette and cool shades for my second (which I will review in a separate post).  Starting upper left:

  • AMC Shine #25- a warm shimmery yellow gold
  • AMC Shine #37 -a warm taupe w/violet shimmer
  • AMC Shine #42–a medium bronze w/gold shimmer
  • Pearl #444–a very complex shade–a grey/green sage with silver undertones

It was only when I started doing this review and really analyzing the colors that I realized that maybe they don’t all go together. For example, I didn’t see the violet in #37 until I swatched it several times. I’m going to blame this on the fact that I became dazed and confused when I stepped into the Inglot store and not the fact that my eyes are going bad in my *ahem* golden years.  It is this very quality that make Inglot shadows so sought after; the multifaceted quality and uniqueness of the shades. The texture is soft, smooth and blends beautifully, making them extremely easy to work with. The pigment is superb, I didn’t even need to use a base, although if you have oily eyelids you will want to. I have probably mis-used the word ‘shimmery’ because the shadows I chose are actually called ‘shine’ and that is a better term. They have some shine and luster to them but not overt shimmer which makes them ideal for the over 40 woman. Don’t fret beauties, if shine is not your thing there is a huge selection of matte shadows.

Indoor light


Inglot will satisfy makeup addicts with the vast selection as well as beginners because the eye shadows are so easy to work with. Lucklily, Ingot has become more accessible in the last few years. In addition to the Newport Beach, CA store there is one in Las Vegas and you can now order online–yay! Stay tuned for more Inglot reviews! I need to check out the new Rainbow eye shadows available this month too.

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  1. It’s amazing the difference in sunlight: but that’s why they tell us women of a certain age to avoid the frosts, and your picture makes it so easy to see why. I forget that, standing in my nice bathroom light.

  2. Oooh. The Inglot bug has bitten you! I love the colors you chose. I’m in the process of creating a warm 10 pan palette so I’ll be using some of those colors for sure!

  3. I haven’t made any progress at all with the 20 eyeshadows I bought. I want to arrange them properly and give each one time before I really get into reviewing them. The quality is excellent on these and the prices are even better.

  4. I recently got bitten by the Inglot bug, too. I’m a major eyeshadow junkie. I can’t get over the amazing quality of Inglot shadows and I WANT THEM ALL!! lol. Seeing all of the pans at IMATS made me swoon. And yes, them being online is quite dangerous.

  5. Those look lovely!

  6. Do you know where the inglot store in Vegas is? I’m dying to see some of this loveliness and I might be going by there in a couple months.

    • The Inglot in Vegas is in the Town Square mall on Las Vegas Blvd. The mall is right outside the strip, its easy to get to. I’ve passed by it on my way to Sephora many times, but I have to confess I’ve been intimidated by the volume of make up. I’m working up the courage to go in and only buy a little!

  7. What a great review and you’ve created a lemming for me for sure!

  8. I LOVE Inglot!! It’s overwhelming in the beginning but once you get in there and play with the colors you get used to it! 😉

  9. There is also an Inglot store at the shops at Caesars in Vegas! 😉

  10. I hear it’s all natural too.
    No animal products in them and they’ve not been tested on animals either! : )


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