Introducing…. GlamNatural Hydrating Foundation- How ‘Dew’ You Do?

Number 4 in my series on Cosmetic Brands You Need To Know is GlamNatural, a brand that is very new to me. GlamNatural is known for their revolutionary foundation. Previous Cosmetic Brands You Need To Know: 29 Cosmetics, Heidi D Cosmetics, and Rae Cosmetics

GlamNatural has a different take on foundation. After 150 formulations, they have hit on a unique water free formula that is so innovative it’s up for patent. Why no water? Water can harbor bacteria and therefore manufacturers have to add preservatives which can irritate the skin. All GlamNatural products contain less than 10 ingredients, contain no preservatives and are held to a standard call BodySafe.

In an increasingly toxic world, there are many exposures beyond your control. Your makeup should not be one of them. Our products are held to an impressive BodySafe™ standard – something no other product on the market can boast.


To qualify as BodySafe™, all GlamNatural products must be:


gold-bullet.png hypo-allergenic
gold-bullet.png vegan
gold-bullet.png gluten free
gold-bullet.png cruelty free
gold-bullet.png talc free
gold-bullet.png formaldehyde free
gold-bullet.png mineral oil free
gold-bullet.png petroleum free
gold-bullet.png harmful emulsifier free
gold-bullet.png phthalates free
gold-bullet.png sodium lauryl sulfate free
gold-bullet.png synthetic dye free
gold-bullet.png synthetic fragrance free
gold-bullet.png EU Cosmetics Directive compliant

Despite our unwavering commitment to avoiding these potentially harmful ingredients and/or practices, our makeup is still incredibly rich, luxurious and high-performance. You will never miss what’s missing.


I have to say I am really impressed with this foundation and it’s PERFECT for over 40 women. I was sent Ivory #2 which is a perfect match for my fair skin. At first it appeared a smidge dark but once blended on the skin it’s perfect. Because it is so concentrated, it only takes the smallest amount to cover your entire face. Here is a picture of how much you need for at least half your face. I’m not kidding beauties, you need next to nothing for your whole face. Although the foundation seems to really “grab” your skin (even without a primer) it blends easily and beautifully. 


2 of these dibs of GlamNatural Foundation will cover your whole face!

Most hydrating foundations leave me looking greasy rather than “dewy’ which is always my ultimate goal. In my teens I had oily skin of course, then it changed to combination and stayed there until just a few years ago when it changed again to normal–finally! I still, however have a T-zone which is not oily per se, but not as dry as the rest of my skin. I honestly didn’t think I need a hydrating foundation but wow, what a difference it’s made! What I like most about GlamNatural is that I can finally get that dewy glow I’ve desired for so long without looking like I’ve applied leftover bacon grease on my face. Yummmmm, bacon. Why is it every time I go on a diet I crave bacon? Sorry, I digress.

I would say the coverage of GlamNatural Hydrating Foundation is medium to full. I like that I can still see my freckles (okay, okay age spots) but it covers the little bit of redness on my nose and chin and it doesn’t look or feel heavy. It also doesn’t slide off my forehead and chin like many foundations do. I’ve tried two other new foundations recently that claim to be full coverage but they definitely don’t have as much coverage as GlamNatural. I do use a finishing powder so I don’t have any breakthrough in my T-zone. I need to stress here how moisturizing this foundation is and how good it feels–it’s so lightweight I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything. It does not highlight my pores or wrinkles and really melts into my skin making it look so natural but still giving coverage–score!!

  • PROS:
  • the most perfect finish–dewy and moisturizing without looking greasy
  • very long lasting–stays on for a good 8 hours or more
  • packaged in a sanitary pump jar–love this!
  • never dry or cakey and does not bring attention to lines and wrinkles
  • vegan, cruelty-free and no nasty ingredients or preservatives


  • a bit pricey at $65–I will say though that you need to use so little, a bottle will probably last you 6-months to a year
  • I would like to see more than 6 shade choices

GlamNatural also has some very nice cream blushes ($32) that are ultra hydrating. I tried a sample of Ashley, Ashley a pale pink ideal for us fair skinned ladies. Highly pigmented, the smallest drop is enough–this sample jar will last me months! These blushes are also housed in a pump jar which I really appreciate.

Overall thoughts: GlamNatural was a surprise for me. I have never had good luck with hydrating foundations before, but this one is perfect for me. This is also very well suited for drier skin types, however, you may want to skip the finishing powder. I’ve been testing three different foundations and find myself contstantly reaching for GlamNatural which says a lot! Perfect for us over 40 women!!!

Prime Beauty Grade: A-  (the minus for price) Can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

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  1. Oh I’m jealous. This sounds terrific. I need to try this.

  2. <> LOL!! Really, I crave chocolate. This is a great review. I haven’t tried anything from GlamNatural, so I really appreciate that you reviewed this. Thank you! x


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