Introducing Greek beauty secrets with IKARIA BEAUTY

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One of the best parts about writing about the beauty world is meeting new brands that have scientific findings strongly supporting them. Skincare wasn’t an important part of my life when I was young and I regret that now. As a full fledged adult I’ve turned my philosophy around and now consider skincare to be the best and most important thing I can do for myself.

One of the new brands I’ve learned about is IKARIA BEAUTY. It interested me knowing that it was created by Emmy-nominated personality Debbie Matenopoulos. She didn’t just throw her name on these products, she helped with the creation by using homopathic ingredients from her Greek relatives along with modern science. She wanted clean ingredients that she felt good about putting on her skin.

Debbie Matenopoulos

And now we can put these products on our skin. Each of the three products that Ikaria Beauty has created contain ingredients that are unique and known to be assets to your skin. Ikaria is a Greek island whose residents seem to defy the laws of aging. Sounds perfect for those of us everywhere else.

Their main product is the IKARIA Beauty™Ageless Beauty Balm.This weightless balm helps to plump skin meaning it will help diminish the look of wrinkles. Now we all know that a topical skincare item isn’t going to take the place of fillers or a face lift but if we can appear to look like we have a firmer and more contoured look face than we have accomplished our goal.

Ikaria Beauty Ageless Beauty Balm

Key Benefits*

  • Helps make skin feel youthfully plump
  • Provides long-lasting hydration
  • “Fills” the look of fine lines
  • Helps defend against environmental damage

Key Ingredients

  • Holy Basil – One of nature’s most potent antioxidant sources, Holy Basil helps your skin combat signs of premature aging and environmental damage, while enhancing your skin’s youthful-looking radiance.
  • Volpura EP – Made from natural Purple Coneflower extract, this breakthrough volumizing compound helps visibly plump and contour skin’s appearance to give your face a more sculpted look.
  • Royal Jelly – Known for its rejuvenating blend of vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals, this luxurious ingredient acts as a topical “wrinkle filler,” helps support the skin’s protective barrier, and promotes firmer and, more lifted-looking skin.
  • Olive Oil + Honey Complex – This ultra-hydrating duo helps boost dermal moisture and elasticity, to give skin a youthfully “springy” feel, smooth appearance, and luminous, healthy glow.

A few hints to using this lovely moisturizing balm is to warm it up a little first between your fingers and then apply upward and outward and press gently. Use it morning and/or night especially over a serum.

The other product I find to be fascinating is IKARIA Beauty™ RENEW Daytime Fytó Retinol Serum: a plant-derived retinol alternative helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing out skin tone. I am a huge fan of serums and incorporate them into my routine twice a day. I love that this particular one was created as a daytime serum.

Ikaria Renew Daytime Fyto Retinol Serum

  • • Helps smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • • Helps visibly even out & brighten uneven skin tone and texture
  • • Locks in moisture for plumper, more radiant-looking skin
  • • Ultra-soothing, for skin that feels silky-smooth and supple

Key Ingredients

BAKUCHIOL Rooted in Ayurvedic tradition, this plant-derived form of retinol has been shown to help the look of fine lines, improve skin brightness, and help visibly even out skin texture and tone — for a more flawless, almost “airbrushed” finish.

OAT BRAND EXTRACT Between its superior soothing properties and high antioxidant content, this plant-based extract is fantastic for leaving your skin feeling silky-smooth while helping it combat external aging factors — like toxins and pollutants.

SQUALENE This plumping powerhouse is known for its ability to help “push” moisture into the skin while supporting a healthy lipid barrier — for a visibly firmer, smoother, more supple complexion.

Important information:

How is it different from other retinol serums?

Unlike many store-bought serums, which use synthetic retinol that can be extremely drying, Renew Daytime Fytó Retinol Serum features a powerful, plant-based alternative: Bakuchiol.By using this natural alternative, you can enjoy all the anti-aging effects of traditional retinol — like smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin — minus the drying, sometimes irritating, effects. Not to mention, because Bakuchiol is so “skin-friendly,” we were able to pack more of it in every drop — so you can enjoy maximum look-younger results with each application.

Be sure you follow with a sunscreen since your skin is more sensitive when you are using retinol products. This Retinol Serum can also be used at night.

IKARIA BEAUTY is a cruelty free brand with a 90 day money back guarantee. They’ll even return it within those 3 months if you’ve used it up so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Smoother plumper skin is our end goal and Ikaria Beauty works towards that end.

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