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When I attended CosmoProf in July, I learned of a brand new cosmetics company called NOTE Cosmetics. And I immediately took note (hee hee). Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of the large well-stocked booth, but the line certainly made an impression on me. Th first thing I noticed is that this brand is perfect for over 40 ladies. Keep reading for an intro to this NOTEable new line!

European brand NOTE Cosmetics pride themselves on making affordable luxury products. The packaging is sleek and elegant yet the prices rival drugstore pricing. You would never know how inexpensive this huge luxe-looking line is! Prices range from $7.99 for a single powder eyeshadow to $17.99 for a baked blush. Plus, they often have sales listed on their Facebook page!

Their foundation line alone was amazing: they had 3 lines with 16 shades each. In addition to broad offerings, the brand is cruelty- and paraben-free as well as vegan. For now, it’s available only at and but look for them to expand and I predict they will become a force in the cosmetics world very soon!

One of the reps in the booth told me the line is geared toward natural, wearable, sophisticated colors (think Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier) making it perfect for older ladies. You won’t see glitter or crazy bright colors, however, there are some pretty blues, greys and purples for more dramatic looks.

Let’s get into it!

NOTE Professional Eyeshadow 5-Color Palette 102 ($14.99) – these eyeshadow quints come in five different shades. I was given the lovely purple shades, aren’t they pretty? Each of the 5 different five-color palettes features complimentary shades that allow you to create a variety of eye looks from subtle to dramatic. Vitamin E in the formula protects the delicate skin of the eyelids again free radicals. There are no shade names so I will try to describe them.

  • pale icy wisteria
  • purple heather
  • violet
  • orchid
  • deep eggplant

The finish is neither shimmery or matte: NOTE describes the finish as “just a trace of reflective pigments for a subtle sheen finish” and I totally agree. This makes the eyeshadow even MORE perfect for over 40 girls. These shadows have enough sheen to make eyes gleam without glitter or over shimmer. I want a few more colors, especially for $15!

For this look, I used #1 on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye, #2 on the lid, #3 in the crease and under lower lashes and #5 to line upper and lower lash line.

NOTE Terracotta Blusher ($17.99) – these blushes have a special formula with Macadamia Oil to help skin retain moisture while imparting a luminous glow to cheeks with one quick sweep of color. There are 4 shades available: Pleasure,  Vintage Pink, Oriental Pink, and Sugar Sense. I have Oriental Pink and though it looks orange in the pan, it’s actually a peachy pink–on my skintone, it pulls more peach. Some baked blushes can be hard and crumbly, but these are finely milled, über buttery and smooth. They do not come with a brush (I could care less) but do have a full sized mirror. Don’t be fooled by the pan, it appears as a subtle sheen on the face. Though I do like the packaging overall, the blush and highlighters are a bit bulky however, there is tons of product inside. Terracotta Blusher and Terracotta Powder are NOTE’s top sellers.

NOTE Terracotta Powder ($17.99) these are baked like the blush and have the same creamy, silky texture. There are 4 shades available from bronze to a pretty champagne gold. The brush you choose for application will make a difference in the pigmentation: the denser the blush, the more glow you will get. Let’s face it, many of over 40 beauties struggle with highlighting. I know I am sick of the over glow on some of these so-called Instagram stars that look like they have a beacon on their cheeks. I like this highlighter because it’s subtle and doesn’t make my pores look like craters of the moon. If you want an understated glow, I recommend this and it won’t make your wallet cry!

NOTE Long Wearing Lipstick ($9.99) – the 18 shades saturate lips with bright, long-wearing color, formulated to stay put comfortably. Macadamia Oil and Shea Butter help to protect and soothe lips while Vitamins A, D and E, help boost cellular rejuvenation and nourish the lips. 07 Indian Rose is a vivid almost neon Barbie Pink.

NOTE Long Wearing Lipgloss ($8.99)again Macadamia Oil and Shea Butter keep lips moisturized. This shiny, non-sticky gloss comes in 24 shades from nudes to bold and vampy shades. The consistency is on the thick side but that makes it long-lasting. There is a lovely caramel scent I quite like. I have shade 05 Cream Cup, a pinky nude that is perfect for everyday wear or to compliment a smoky eye. I would love more shades!

NOTE MatteMoist Lipgloss ($8.99) – this 8 color lip gloss collection offers pigment-rich shades in a pillow-soft, silky matte finish. The texture is soothing and comfortable while delivering a true matte payoff without the drying powdery feel. Hydrating oils and vitamins guarantee the formula keeps a moisture-rich feel on the lips. The eight stylish shades were specially created to wear perfectly in a matte finish. #407 Notisme is a scarlett red. I like this formula because even though it’s matte, it still has some shine.

In this pic I have on the eyeshadow palette as described above, the Oriental Pink Blusher, Indian Rose lipstick with Cream Cup lipgloss on top.

Bottom Line: NOTE Cosmetics offers high quality, good performing makeup at affordable prices. The downside is that currently, the line is only available online, but there are plans to enter the US market so watch for this wonderful brand! The good news is that shipping is only $5 for orders below $40, and free for all orders of $40 and more. Color me impressed!

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  1. I have not heard of Note cosmetics before, but it sounds like a great line to me. I will check them out.

  2. Love the purple color pallete! Just beautiful colors and perfect for fall season that is now here!

  3. The Style Page says

    Wow … I always like hearing about news brands

  4. This seems like a really cool new brand. The colors in that eye pallet are fantastic! I need to check them out

  5. Your eyes look amazing! I love the colours in the palette and would be so interested to try this brand out

  6. I’m happy to buy my makeup online. I think it is kind of hard to purchase foundation that way. But I’ve never had a problem with anything else. As long as it’s quality, I’m fine if it’s a good price

  7. I’ve never heard of note cosmetics, but those colors are great. I think the eye shadows look really great on you.

  8. Beth Davidson says

    That sounds like a good variety of products. I buy everything online so that’s really not an issue for me!

  9. That soft purple palette is stunning – my favourite kind of neutrals!

  10. It makes me so happy to hear that Note is a cruelty free and vegan beauty brand. I love the pigmentation of the eyeshadows as well x

  11. I was thrilled to find out that Note is cruelty free!

  12. I picked up Oriental Pinj at The Makeup Show earlier this year, it’s such a pretty shade. I was impressed by what I tried! Great look that you did with everything – love the eyes!!!

  13. A new brand!! How exciting. The eyeshadow palette is my favorite but then again I’m all about eyes. The blush and highlighter looks perfect on you.

  14. This is a different look than what you usually do and I love it!

  15. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I wish that this brand would show up in my local Ulta store. That red lip gloss looks like a shade I’d like. And I’m impressed with the pigmentation of all the swatches you showed. Good stuff

  16. Christie | Simply My BellaVida says

    I LOVE the purple heather and deep eggplant eyeshadows. I was in Ulta yesterday and saw this brand and I wasn’t familiar with it so I ignored it, but now I wish I played around and bought one of those amazing eyeshadows!

  17. Intense shades from that palette! I love it because it’s perfect for night parties or events! The colors are really pretty. The lippies are awesome as well!

  18. I have to say that you look fabulous in that purple heather toned eyeshadow! I usually see you in warmer shades but these really suit you. I’ll wait to see if this brand makes it to Canada (here’s hoping).

  19. Roxanne Ferber says

    I love the colors you chose for that look! Makes your eyes look stunning! I think this is a great price point too!

  20. Wow, these are great. I am definitely going to be looking to pick up some NOTE cosmetics when I see them!

  21. These are pretty. I am always a sucker for a pink/purple/lavender palette. Thanks for showing us these pretty colors.

  22. Emily Eileen says

    I really like the eyeshadow pallet. I would wear all of those colors. I will have to look for it.

  23. Krystel Seijo says

    The pale icy is lovely. Great colors there

  24. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I really like how the eyeshadow looks on your eyes, it has really nice coverage! Love learning about new brands!

  25. I love the colors, specifically in the eye shadow palette! And the prices are amazing. Can’t wait to give NOTE a try. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Amber Nelson says

    I love the look of that eye makeup. It looks so pretty! I have never heard of this brand though.


    I’m not a big make up wearer, but that terracotta blush is gorgeous! I do need to replace a lot of my make up, I’ll check this out. Thanks!

  28. I love the purples in that eye palette. I’ll keep my eye out for this line of makeup.

  29. Jean Standley says

    This brand of make up seems amazing! I love the looks you’ve created with the many great shades they have to offer.

  30. I’m new to this cosmetic line but it looks awesome! I love the metallic look.

  31. Shelley Polarbelle says

    I’m loving the shadows!!! You look hot and sultry!!

  32. This is the first I’m hearing of Note, but I like a lot of what I am seeing. I will have to try this brand out for myself.


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