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I first learned about Skinn Cosmetics a couple of months ago when I reviewed their Lip Stain & Gloss Sets.  The line was created by Dimitri James who is a professional makeup artist who has prepped beautiful faces for the runway and red carpet as well as international television shows and magazines.  He is the author of a book titled “Becoming Beauty” and .”Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls”   In addition to cosmetics, Skinn has a small but interesting and impressively complete line of skin care (not a huge amount of products, but everything from cleansing, resurfacing, acne care and anti-aging are covered in this pared-down product offering).

I was thrilled when these came in the mail because I adore chubby lip pencils.  Now that it’s summer, I’m loving a quick & easy eye and I thought these would fit the bill perfectly.

This is what the Skinn Dimitri James website has to say about these pencils:  Line, smudge, shadow or color–Smudge Sticks do it all. This incredible water-resistant, transfer-resistant Smudge Stick is perfect for lining, smudging and creating beautiful eyes and lips for a look that lasts all day, including through a dip in the pool. 

There are ten shades to choose from:

For Eyes

• Moonlit (Light & Pearly)
• Venus (Bronze)
• Golden Plum (Metallic Smokey Plum)
• Royal Indigo (Deepest Blue)
• Sultry Slate (Dark Gray)
• Egyptian Clay (Dark Brown)
• Cleopatra Black (Blackest Black)

For Lips
• Prose (Nude Mauve Lip Shade)
• Plum Dandy (Lip-Toned Plum)
• Whisper (Warm Cognac Lip Shade)

From top to bottom:  Prose, Plum Dandy, Whisper, Royal Indigo, Egyptian Clay, Moonlit

I have 3 of the eye pencils (Moonlit, Royal Indigo and Venus).  Here are my thoughts on these:

While I didn’t love them, I do see their appeal.  My favorite out of these three is Moonlit.  The tip of these is thicker than a typical eye pencil, but thinner than a chubby pencil.  Moonlit makes a nice inner-corner-of-the-eye shade and brow bone shade.  It’s also perfectly shaped and sized for this.  The other two shades were a bit of a miss for me.  While Venus is described as a bronze and it certainly looks bronze in the tube, it appears more matte and chocolate brown when it’s on my eyelid.  I tried this all over my mobile lid but when I went to smudge it, it had mostly set.  I ended up with the color looking thicker and opaque in some areas and more sheer in others.  I ended up layering a chocolate brown shadow over it and it did make a nice base with no creasing all day.  Royal Indigo is accurately described.  It is the deepest blue, almost black shade of liner that I love.  I found however, that it was just a bit too thick for eyeliner.  I think when the weather cools down and the fall/winter clothes come out, this will help with a serious smokey eye.

I also received all three of the lip pencils and here are my thoughts on those:

Like I said previously, I do love a chubby lip pencil.  Trish McEvoy makes some that are top notch in my book.  I prefer the ones that are more opaque in color, so they double as a lip liner and a lipstick.  I found that these on their own were missing something, but if I added a gloss to liven them up I liked them better.  Prose is a very cool, almost grayish-pink.  This is not a color I wear easily and this did not look good on me without some serious altering with additional products.  Plum Dandy was more wearable, and is accurately described as a fall-appropriate plum.  Whisper is a light brick shade.  Out of these three, Plum Dandy was the shade most suited for my coloring.

These pencils are very silky and glide on like a dream.  But in the case of the eye shades, they set far too quickly before I could blend them.  I can attest to the fact that these are VERY water resistant.  As I was testing them on the back of my hand, I had to scrub-scrub-scrub to get them off.  The lips shades I found to be a bit drying, but a layer of balm or gloss helped with that.

If you’re looking for a long wearing lip or eye pencil that are also waterproof, check these out.  They are very reasonably priced at $15USD for 1 gram of product.

By Staff Writer Patty

Skinn – Plasma Flawless Finish Powderless Touch-up Skin Perfecter

Plasma Flawless Finish Powderless Touch-up Skin Perfecter is part of the Skinn line’s “Plasma concealing system that looks so flawless and undetectable, your friends won’t know that you’re wearing anything at all!  Wrapped in micro bubbles of Argan, Flax and Rose Hips Oil, Plasma Flawless Finish protects, mattefies, and blurs pores and imperfections–plus, it won’t cake up or settle like ordinary powders. This lighter-than-air color protector is the perfect touch-up all day long.”

This was a very interesting product and one that I was happy to try.  It was different from a primer because it went on top of your makeup, but wasn’t a spray or a powder – it was a solid product that you picked up with a sponge and pressed into the skin.  I have to admit that at first, I didn’t get it.  I was lightly swiping the sponge provided across the surface area of the product and gently patting the sponge into my skin, focusing on the areas that tend to shine (nose, forehead, chin).  I was disappointed to find that my makeup was transferring to the sponge and the pores on my nose appeared to be magnified.  I soldiered on with my experiments and finally found that lightly dabbing this on with my finger worked much better for me.  It’s easy to throw into my makeup bag and touch up as needed.

The website gives the following application recommendations:

Use the included sponge to pat onto desired areas of your face–do not rub on. Dab powder onto skin until the appearance of pores disappears and shine is controlled. Use throughout the day as necessary over make-up. Use over Plasma Foundation or alone after moisturizing.

 I sometimes powder over this but not always and I don’t really notice a difference either way. I find that I prefer this as a touch-up product instead of a finishing product.  But I think one of my favorite things about this is the genius design of the packaging!  To open, you twist the base and the lid in opposite directions and it opens up to a mirror on one side and product on the other.  The backside of the product (closest to the mirror) has small tab that opens up to the sponge.  No messy powder spillage in your purse or makeup bag!

Ingredients:  Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, dimethicone, paraffin wax, argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil, rose hip oil, flax seed oil.

This is priced at $30 for 14grams of product.

 Written by Staff Writer Patty

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  1. These look lovely!!!!!!!!

  2. I like the sound of the Plasma Flawless Finish Powderless Touch-up Skin Perfecter a lot. This is the kind of product I’d enjoy owning.

  3. I have the Prose lip pencil and the color suits me esp when I wear the Skinny Dip lip duo over it. Plum Dandy looks interesting.