Introducing Soapy Bliss Bath and Body Bakery!

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You may remember hearing of Soapy Bliss Bath and Body Bakery in my first CosmoProf post here. Now that I’ve had a chance to try the products, I wanted to do this review to tell you how impressed I am! In summer, we’re showing more skin and it’s harder to keep that skin hydrated so I appreciate products that can help keep my skin stay soft, smooth and moisturized! And…if those products are packaged cleverly and smell great it’s a win-win. Congrats, Soapy Bliss Bath and Body Bakery you have earned a permanent spot in my beauty arsenal!

Let’s start with the darling Box of Sunshine Bathtub Candy ($20). Who could resist a name like that? This box of candy has no sugar or calories! These Bathtub Candies are sweet, little indulgent bath melts. Each piece of candy is handcrafted with the finest, freshest cocoa butter and vitamin E available! Simply drop a piece in your tub, let the candy melt and fizz while infusing your tub with delicious aroma and sweet candy goodness! You can really feel the cocoa butter–no need to moisturize after your bath! The Sunshine Candy flavors include Sun Drop, Hula Girl, Blue Lagoon and Lime. Perfect for sunny and fresh summer!

Guava Banana Sugar Scrub ($30) and Guava Banana Body Butter ($30). I admit I’m not much of a gourmand scent lover but this Soapy Bliss scent changed all that! Island guava and creamy banana are like a vacation in a jar! Other scents available: Pink Champagne, Mermaid, Kiwi Lime, Watermelon White Rose.

Guava Banana Sugar Scrub ($30 for 8oz) has a beautiful texture. The scrubbing grains are not too big and are gentle to the skin. This is the real deal beauties, the key ingredients are: guava seed oil, guava powder, banana powder. I use this in the shower and I love that the oils stay after washing off the scrub–you could just stop there and pat dry, but I like to follow with the body butter to really seal in the moisture.

Guava Banana Body Butter ($8 0z.) is made with guava seed oil, organic coconut oil and organic mango butter to provide deep hydration and leave your skin feeling renewed. Honestly, Soapy Bliss has 5 scents and when I received this one, I was kind of disappointed. I thought I would have preferred Pink Champagne or Mermaid, but I have to tell you Guava Banana has grown on me and I love it! It so invigorating, fresh and tropical! I think the banana tempers the sweetness of the guava and the combo reminds me of the tropical drinks on Hawaii! The butter is quite thick, but when applied, it melts into the skin easily, absorbs quickly and isn’t sticky. I like to apply this right after my shower and smell great (but not overpowering) all day!

If you have really dry skin, Soapy Bliss has an immediate solution! Soapy Bliss Truffle Butters ($22) are packed full of nourishing shea & cocoa butter, ground adzuki beans, and rice to gently slough off dry skin, while the butters quickly absorb to soften and hydrate! These ‘buffers’ are super moisturizing and creamy and in just one use, your skin will feel fabulous! This one is Huckleberry and is bursting with flavor! Available in 5 scents.

Lemon Drop Push-Up Pop ($15). These little pops are adorable, portable and totally moisturizing! Each pop is packed with skin-loving shea & cocoa butters. Drop on in your makeup bag or purse for moisture on-the-go! I keep this on my nightside table and use it on my lips and cuticles before bed! Available in 8 fun scents!

Finally, these Soapy Bliss Cupcake Bath Bombs ($12) look sweet enough to eat! These sweet little bath treats are fizzy, moisture rich, skin softening and calorie free! To use, simply tear off the cupcake liner, drop in the tub and indulge!  The “cake” fizzes and bubbles with mango butter, avocado oil, and decadently sweet aroma!  You can use the frosting as a sugar scrub for your tootsies or simply let it melt away. The Sweet Bliss Cupcake has notes of Italian bergamot, white lady peach, strawberry, coconut milk and white musk. There are 5 delicious scents to choose from.

Right now Soapy Bliss Bath and Body Bakery is offering all 5 scents of their Body Butters (2oz) free with a $75 purchase! This is a great way to try the body butter and see what scent is your fav!

Bottom Line: Soapy Bliss Bath and Body Bakery satisfies your sweet tooth with no calories or tooth decay! Their sweet and flirty confections nourish and hydrate skin and smell delish too!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I’ll remember the truffle butter for the winter. But the entire line sounds scrumptious!

  2. Jen Mathews says

    Okay yes, I need all of this immediately!

  3. Jen Mathews says

    What is the link to the store? For some reason nothing is clickable for me. 🙁

  4. What a cute brand. I love the detail they’ve put into each product.

  5. This is so cute. Soapy Bliss Bath and Body Bakery looks better than the cupcakes I baked today 😛

  6. These look almost too pretty to use!! I so have to get a few things and try this out because it seems like it would be great for an at home spa day

  7. OMG. These are so adorable! It’s a nice treat for yourself too. I love every single product that you shared they all sound amazing and I’m sure they smell amazing too. Each one is just so cute. It’s also a great gift!

  8. Cassie Liz says

    We are just about to move to a house with two bath tubs and I am going to go bath crazy so this is good timing! Will give these a try

  9. I love pampering myself with bath goodies!! These bath treats are so cute and cute enough to eat! I’d love to have these!

  10. I love the cupcake bath bombs. But I totally do want to eat them. That whole line is so adorable. You’ve got to love a good bath product.

  11. FabZilla_Kath says

    I swear they have the most adorable packaging

  12. OMG those are so cute! I feel like that would be a perfect present for a daughter or a teenage girl.

  13. Amy Desrosiers says

    I am such a sucker for pretty beauty products. I love food shaped soaps so much. I would be slathering that scrub and lotion all over myself.

  14. Kindness In Demand says

    I love all those bath bombs! My tub now is so small but I’m getting a soaking tub soon and I can’t wait for bath bombs and bubble bath!!

  15. They all look so good. If I had to choose one it would be the bath candy! Oh how wonderful it would be to have alone bath time with these infusing the water!

  16. I am in love with this new soap as baked treats trend! So pretty and so much fun! This is a new brand to me and I can’t wait to check them out!

  17. Oh gosh, that cupcake bath bomb! I would keep it forever to look at and sniff!

  18. Reesa Lewandowski says

    How adorable are these!? What a super fun idea and they would be great for gifts for friends!

  19. I think all of these are super adorable. I’d certainly LOVE to use them that’s for sure. I love bath bombs.

  20. Frosted Events says

    Just the names and the packaging make me want to try all of these! They sound delicious so I can only imagine how amazing they smell and feel.

  21. Its all looks delicious. I imagine it smells just as good as it looks.


    Wow these are so incredibly adorable! What a fun gift for a someone who loves to pamper and spoil themselves.

  23. Andrea Broom says

    these are so fun and they look great which means they must smell amazing. the names and everything. they would be a fun gift to give to friends, something different. LOVE so much.

  24. Brittany Muddamalle says

    Ooh these look like so much fun! I love baths so these are right up my alley!

  25. The Truffle Butter sounds amazing, as does the push-up pop – so unique! I love body beauty products so much, it’s almost unhealthy.

  26. Morgan Leigh Cunningham says

    Oh wow! These are so fun looking. I bet they just smell amazin

  27. Cecilia C. Cannon says

    wow! I have not heard of this. looks like a great gift for a girlfriend or maybe even teacher gift.


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