Introducing Soma Naturals Discovery Sample Set!

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SOMA Naturals was born of a need by founder Chris, He observed over the course of many years the challenges his wife and daughter had finding quality skincare products that didn’t contain harmful ingredients while also being reasonably priced. Many of the all natural products they did manage to find didn’t deliver on the promises they made, and several ended up not being truly all natural at all, they merely claimed clean ingredients.

He wanted the brand to represent their ethos and advocate a clean and healthy lifestyle, be authentic, never hold back on creativity, and most importantly of all reinforce their strong belief that everyone is flawless just as they are

To ensure we stay true to our mission, we:

Search far and wide to bring our customers the most innovative boutique beauty brands

Fully vet any new brand we partner with to ensure they meet our rigorous standards; if its on our site you can rest assured it’s a solid brand

Provide a unique lifestyle experience to help those who shop with us stay #Absolutely_Flawless

SOMA Naturals is a one stop shop for the most innovative indie beauty brands and has just launched its Discovery Sample Kit this month that is filled with four different indie beauty brands so you can try a variety of brands they have to offer!

SOMA Naturals is launching its Discovery Sample Kit ($20.99) this month – just in time for Valentine’s Day! The kit includes some of the brands best sellers and is perfect for anyone looking to make a move to clean beauty, try a new brand or product, or looking for that perfect unique gift. It also includes a $5 credit towards future purchases, which means you’ll have some extra cash to put towards your purchase!

Here is what’s in the kit:

  • Messinian Spa Body Butter 2.7oz (your choice of scents)
  • Teadora beauty butter or renew oil (sample)
  • EVOLVh shampoo & conditioner set (your choice of formulas)
  • Pure Lano lip balm (your choice of flavor)

Messinian Spa skincare is infused with pure PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) extra virgin olive oil direct from Kalamata Greece, one of the most respected olive growing regions in the world. They don’t stop there either as they further enhance their skincare line with botanicals and ingredients that are inspired by and sourced from Greek nature. The brand includes body butters, face wash, face scrubs, body milk, beauty oil and face cream.

I received the orange and lavender scent which sounds like a strange combination but it’s actually quite lovely. I’ve got to say I am super impressed with this body butter! It melts into the skin and leaves NO…again…NO greasy feeling. I rubbed some into my hands maybe a minute ago and I’m typing now, something I can’t do with most hand lotions, much less a body butter! The butter is available in 2.7 oz for $13 or 8.45 for $25. Scents include: Pomegranate & Honey, Lemon & Fig.

I also received the EVOLVh SmartColor Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner in sample sizes. Smartcolor shampoo gently cleanses color-treated hair and prevents fading by infusing vital nutrients deep into every strand for supreme color retention, vibrancy and hair health. It also repairs, restores and prevents breakage and split-ends and adds moisture to dry, over-processed colored hair. This shampoo is silicone free, sulfate free, paraben free, panthenol free, phthalate/musk free, gluten free, petroleum/mineral oil free + vegan and NOT tested on animals. I love the soft scent of grapefruit mixed with light florals.

The EVOLVh SmartColor Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner:
Experience supreme color vibrancy, hydration and healing since color (and lightning) is stressful on your strands. EVOLVh’s evolutionary blend of essential fatty and amino acids is delivered deep into every strand to increase color retention for extended peak color life, eliminating breakage and frizz, and restoring every strand to optimal health with soft, smooth texture, sublime hydration for bounce and movement, and gorgeous shine.

Pure Lano Lip Balm $5 is made with Pure Lano’s 100% pure lanolin. Superior skin conditioners and antioxidants help to heal cracked and chapped lips. While I don’t normally fancy lip balms in a pot, I’ll make an exception for Pure Lano. This balm literally melts into your lips and feel ultra soothing. I have the Dreamsicle and it smells and tastes like an orange creamsicle–yummy! The balm also comes in Unscented, Wintergreen, Strawberry and Vanilla. I’ll be using this all winter to keep my lips soft and moisturized.

Teadora Brazilian Glow and Radiance Oil 3.04 oz. $40–I received a small sample. This Multi-Tasking Oil for Skin, Hair & Nails is crafted with Teadora’s RainforestHydration(tm) Elixir – a proprietary superfood cocktail of antioxidant, vitamin-rich, natural, organic & active essential oils from exotic Amazon rainforest superfruits, combined with Argan Plant Stem Cells. It protects your skin against free radical damage, provides deep hydration, firms, smoothes & repairs elasticity for radiant, healthier, smoother, younger-looking skin. The great thing about this oil is that you can use it a number of ways. Use as a serum day & night, as a makeup remover, add to your moisturizer, use on cuticles, ends of hair or as a whole body moisturizer.

And we can’t forget the cute all cotton SOMA Naturals “Flawless” bag!

SOMA Naturals also has monthly beauty box and brand beauty boxes, check them out here.

Overall I’m really thrilled with the SOMA Naturals Discovery Kit. I got to try some natural, clean beauty products at a great price and I’ve definitely discovered some brands that I want to incorporate into my beauty routine!
SOMA Naturals is always looking to offer its customers a wider selection of quality offerings so they add new brands each month. Explore the exceptional brands SOMA Naturals has to offer!

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  1. I need to check out the Pure Lano lip balm for $5. Though I wish it were in a tube, it’s less expensive than Dr. Lipp, my go-to pure lanolin alternative that’s the only thing that helps my super dry lips

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