Introducing the Charlotte Tibury Makeup Collection!

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Charlotte Tilbury has worked in the British beauty and fashion industry as a celebrity makeup artist for over 20 years. She has a reputation for transforming ordinary beauties into supermodel stunners. She has her own line of cosmetics that will make it’s US debut next month! The line has a range of ‘Treat & Transform’ Colour Cosmetic Hybrids. Every product is enriched with long-term hydrating and anti-age ingredients for an instant colour transformation with long-lasting benefits.

As a pale redhead growing up in Ibiza, Charlotte never felt attractive until she discovered mascara at the age of 13.  Suddenly people she had known for years started remarking on how pretty she was. “It traumatized me to instantly become more popular just because of the mascara,” Ms. Tilbury said. “But then I realized that to achieve the power of beauty, sometimes you need a little makeup, darling.”

Curiosity got the best of me and I couldn’t wait until September, so I ordered a few things last month.

2014-08-06 08.57.39 (480x360)

Since I am an eyeshadow Ho, I chose an eyeshadow palette to start. There are 8 color coordinated palettes to chose from, each offers a complete “desk to disco” eye color wardrobe. I chose Uptown Girl ($52), a mix of neutrals and greys.

2014-08-06 08.51.19 (480x360)


2014-08-06 08.53.12 (480x360)

There are no shade names so I will try to explain them. This quad consists of upper left: Champagne,  a luscious, buttery beige with peach undertones. Charlotte calls this “prime.”  It is meant to be an all-over wash. Next is a a taupe with slight purple undertones. This one is a bit of a chameleon; it can appear taupe and then at times it looks more silver. One me it can even look like a grey-ish lavender. This is called “enhance” and I believe it is to be used on the lid. In the lower left is what Charlotte calls the “pop.” It is a beautiful very glittery oyster shade. The idea is to use this shade as a top coat for a pop of sparkle. Truthfully, I will probably only use this around the holidays–it’s too much for me for everyday. However, I am looking forward to rocking it during the holiday season. The last shade Charlotte calls “smoke” and I assume is meant to be used as eyeliner and smoked out. It is a charcoal grey. Although this is a touted as a smoky eye palette, I would say it is best suited for a subtle smoky eye. You would really have to pack on these shadows to get a deep smoky look and that’s perfectly okay with me–it makes this more wearable and useful for me.

2014-08-06 09.04.48 (480x360)

Champagne and Taupe

Champagne and Taupe


Oyster and Charcoal

.  Oyster and Charcoal

These shadows are super soft and buttery–they truly feel like cream shadows. The pigment is great, the blendability awesome. They all have a nice sheen, with the exception of oyster which is a glittery top coat. As I said earlier, these are muted shades so you won’t end up looking like a Real Housewife with two black holes in your face, but a sophisticated, polished lady. I happen to love that about this palette. The quality of this eyeshadow palette rivals Chanel, Dior and Chantecaille and the prices are in line with a luxury brand. I am totally smitten with Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics. I grew tired of Chanel eyeshadow palette a few years ago–the shades just were not inspiring to me. Dior shadow palettes ventured off into Frosty City so I gave up on the brand for a while. Chantecaille is cost prohibitive: I refuse to spend over $8o on an eyeshadow palette. Charlotte Tilbury is the answer and perfect for over 40 beauties.

My Uptown Girl look:

2014-08-24 00.57.56 (480x360)


2014-08-24 01.02.52 (480x197) (2)

The next Charlotte Tilbury product I am impressed with is the Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher ($40). I chose Love Glow, a universally flattering medium pink. Swish & Pop blushers are created with a pop of color in the center surrounded by a subtle shimmering shade. Love Glow does not have much contrast in the two shades so they blend together seamlessly. This has just the right amount of sheen to make cheeks glow without your pores looking like craters on the moon. It’s perfect for the over 40 woman looking to add a bit of radiance to her skin. You are supposed to apply this blush in two steps:

SWISH the brush around the outer shade and tap off the excess. Run the brush flat, up the cheek bone starting from the apple of the cheek, to structure the face.

POP take the pointy end of the brush, dip it in the centre colour and tap off the excess. Apply to the apples of the cheeks to make them pop and glow. Blend seamlessly together.

Charlotte Tilbury Love Glow Blush

Charlotte Tilbury Love Glow Blush

Last but not least is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Bitch Perfect ($32) a perfect everyday pinky rose. This lipstick is über creamy, color rich and so, so comfortable to wear. I would say it’s a satin finish–not super glossy but not matte either–in other words perfect! It does not cling to dry lips or bleed into fine lines. I can wear it without lip liner just fine. Here’s what Charlotte has to say:

“This is my fail-safe recipe for perfect lips… Enriched with a breakthrough, secret ingredient, the Lipstick Tree, an anti-oxidant that naturally protects lips from UV damage and external pollution leaving them cashmere soft and irresistible. Blended with special waxes and clever light-diffusing pigments for pert, full-bodied, ultra-brilliant lips that ensure you leave a lasting impression!”

photovisi-download (1) (480x360)

Packaging is elegant and understated. The compacts are a substantial (not too heavy) deep burgundy color with Charlotte’s gold initials as accents.Each compact has a full size mirror. The lipsticks are housed in a rose gold fluted tube with the initials CT embossed on the top of the case. I love the burgundy and rose gold shades, they coordinate beautifully and definitely have the look of luxury cosmetics.

2014-08-24 00.58.53 (480x376)

Bottom Line: Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics is a high-quality, high performance luxury makeup line I already adore. It is pricey, on par with Chanel and Dior but personally, I like CT better. The texture of the products, the ease of application and the final result are worth the splurge. This is a line that is ideal for over 40 women who want to look polished and sophisticated look. I am looking forward to adding a few more products–I have a Nordstrom rewards certificate that is burning a hole in my wallet! Do yourself a favor and splurge on at least one Charlotte Tilbury product –they are available at now!

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  1. I need ALL OF THIS. I’m so obsessed! I played with the looks at TMS in May and I’m ALL OVER buying it ALL. ALL. I’m calm.

  2. droooool….I am beyond excited to try this line! That shadow palette has the perfect shades for you. LOVE it all! What a unique idea for the blush, in one compact.

  3. The eye shadow quad and blush are pretty. Cute look.

  4. I LOOOOOVE the lipstick! It’s a lovely product line, and it looks great on you.

  5. these all look so nice!! Prettttttty!

  6. When I saw Charlotte Tilbury at TMS Chicago I fell in love with the Uptown Girl palette!

  7. You look gorgeous lady! Love your blog and now I MUST get some Charlotte Tilbury products 🙂

  8. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Can’t wait to get my hands on her stuff! (I just realized how that sounds…haha!) it’s the eye pencils that are intriguing me!

  9. Wow. I love the side swept hair and the uptown girl look!

  10. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I’m going to go broke reading your blog! I need more cowbell!!! …oops! I mean more Charlotte Tilbury!


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