Invisasox No Show Socks!

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Invisasoxis the world’s best no show sock for sneakers, boat shoes, flats and other low cut shoes.

Invisasox is bringing the world a redesigned no show sock that’s as comfortable to wear as it is functional. My no show socks fail at being no show AND they fall down and gather in my shoe–SO annoying!
Thankfully, Invisasox has a solution and made a comfortable no-show sock that won’t peek out above most shoes, and actually stays on.



1. Breathable cotton & spandex material blend that comfortably hugs the foot. Unlike thinner no-show socks, the Invisasox are made from a cushy cotton and spandex blend that is sweat-absorbing and breathable.

2. True invisible cut that’s comfortable for every day, but always stays hidden. I’ve worn Invisasox with my slip-on shoes, tennis shoes and low booties and I can’t see them at all!

3. Fail-proof no-slip design via the unique mesh heel grip and 35% spandex fabric.  Wow! Invisasox actually stays on and doesn’t slip! The heel grip and stretchy collar really works!

4. These socks are guaranteed to last for at least one year of wear, or Invisasox will replace them for you free of charge.

Invisasox vs. regular no show socks

Invsasox are available in Men’s and Women’s sizes. Women’s sizes 4-11 in black, grey, white, beige,or brown. A pack of three pairs of Invisasox costs $13.95 on Invisasox’s website.

Bottom Line: Wear your low-cut sneakers and shoes comfortably and stylishly when you have the Invisasox on underneath! Great stocking stuffer!

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