IT Cosmetics – Turn Around Bright Eyes

*Once upon a time there was light in my eyes

But now there’s only dark circles in their place

Nothing I can say

I’m a tooootal baaasket case!

**Turn around Bright Eyes!
Turn around Bright Eyes!

*Song to be sung to the tune of Total Eclipse of the Heart

I would like to meet the woman who gets 8 restful hours of sleep each night. I’m here to tell you that woman does NOT exist! ***And if she did, I would be tempted to murder her in one of those glorious 8 hours of sleep.

So, instead I will tell y’all about a new product by the over 40 woman’s best friend, IT Cosmetics. The brands innovative formulas and focus on anti-aging has unknowingly enlisted  me as their #1 fan.  Jamie Kerns-Lima is my hero!

IT’s newest product, Hello Bright Eyes Silk Anti-Aging Waterproof Brightener Duo ($24)  is proving to be another fabulous addition to the line.  The pencils are like little beams of light–one matte for the waterline and one pearlized for the inner corners. This problem-solving duo works to brighten up the eye area giving you the appearance of 8 hours of restful sleep. Yeah–it totally fools people like that!

These little fireflies are packed with skin-loving ingredients. Both revitalizing shades have hydrolyzed collagen, silk proteins, and Vitamins C & E for youthful looking peepers. The micro-illuminating pigments of light cause eyes to appear more bright and awake, lips to appear fuller and blur away fine lines and wrinkles!

As always IT Cosmetics keeps all the bad stuff away for us–no parabens, fragrance, phthalates, sulfates, and hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic for even the most sensitive eyes.

I really like the shade of these pencils–they are not bright white so they don’t announce “Hey I’m trying to look like I got a good nights sleep even though I haven’t since 1987,”  or a fake flesh color that says “Yes, my skin is naturally the sick-peach shade of a Flesh crayon!”  These are a combination of champagne/beigey/white gold that wake up tired eyes in a natural way.

Hello Bright Eyes do not skip, tug or otherwise annoy me. They are smooth and creamy and do what they are intended to do. I did have to reapply the matte one on my waterline midday. Be aware though that I have bad allergies and my eyes water frequently–you mileage may vary. I use them in the traditional way–the matte on the waterline and the pearl on the inner corners of the eye. By no means feel confined to these two ways. The matte shade works great on the brow bone to give your eyes a lift and the pearl also works well for making your lips look fuller.

Bottom Line: If you are in need of a bit of brightening, these are the perfect solution for waking up your face, eyes and whatever else is asleep!

Prime Beauty Grade: A

** original song lyrics by Bonnie Tyler, butchered lyrics by moi

***empty threat

P.S.–I couldn’t wait to tell you about two brand spankin’ new IT Cosmetics products offered on QVC!

Heavenly Luxe 6-pc Brush Collection $39.50 item#A229204 I want this badly! I love, love, love IT’s brushes–so soft and effective!

Holiday Edition Lip Flush Stain Collection $49.50-6 luscious shades in a gift box.


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  1. I reviewed IT Cosmetics today too. In the review is one of their brushes and it’s amazing. That QVC deal looks fantastic. These eye pencils look great too. Need!


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