Jeanne En Provence Peony Collection!

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Jeanne En Provence is a family-owned French cosmetics and perfumery based in the French Riviera. Their products are created by master perfumers with 90% natural ingredients from the local region.  They have been successfully operating in Europe since 1978 and have locations in 40 countries and do not test on animals.  Now, they are finally offering their exquisite collections in the U.S!

A little bit about the company:

Tucked away in the South of France are the rolling hills of Grasse. These provincial fields are known as the home of the finest perfumes in the world. The local farmers who grow olives, lavender, and roses have cultivated these hillsides for generations.

This region, commonly known as Provence, is home to family farmers and master perfumers who have honed their craft for generations. We began our journey in 1978, drawing on the wisdom and traditions of those men and women to form a company with a vision to bring the vivid colors and evocative scents of the Mediterranean hills to the rest of the world.

I was lucky enough to try a few items from the Peony Collection:

Pivoine Feerie- Peony, Perfume ($28.99)

Known as the “flower with a thousand petals”, the luscious peony blossom captures a youthful exuberance and feminine beauty. This perfume’s light and airy scent evokes the heartfelt joy of springtime. The peony unfolds its bountiful and fragrant petals, exuding winsome joy. Top notes of fresh peony buds, zesty grapefruit and sweet summer peach evolve into a captivating bouquet of magnolia, white lily, and violet. Finally, the soothing background notes of vanilla, cedar, and white musk finish this feminine scent with an uplifting touch. This alluring fragrance is housed within a classic white woven pear-shaped atomizer that looks beautiful on any vanity. Not too sweet an never cloying, this fragrance is perfectly lovely.

Pivoine Feerie Liquid Soap ($12)

Crafted by a master soap-maker in the traditional French method, this delicately scented hand soap combines nourishing olive oil with the natural extracts of the peony flower. Gently cleanse your skin while indulging in the lingering scent of peony blossoms from the hills of Provence.

With this quality, sourced from France and beautiful packaging, you expect the cost to be in line with a luxury brand, however, the prices are quite reasonable. The brand currently offers three collections: Divine Oil, Peony and Jasmin Secret.

I highly recommend visiting the Jeanne En Provence website to view all the collections!


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  1. That perfume bottle is beautiful

  2. That perfume bottle is beautiful

  3. 25 Sweetpeas says

    It looks pretty!

  4. 25 Sweetpeas says

    It looks pretty!